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De Circulaire Stad 36
Energie is geld
Kunnen we een geldsysteem bouwen op duurzame energie?
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Talk of the Town 89
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New Democracy

Radical, cultural and creative practices of democratic innovation from across Europe
© Arthimedes / Via Shutterstock.com

More and more urban communities are confronted with urgent challenges on a daily basis. Many European cities are losing their cultural identity to gentrification processes due to commercial interests. Migration puts new pressures on cities but also offers opportunities to re-think themselves. In this debate series we explore different city policies and alternative practices which are reinvigorating democracy and transforming our cities and regions for the common good. We will meet people who are part of a growing movement of urban citizen co-development who are tackling issues on urban planning, cultural community initiatives, safeguarding and preservation of public space and participatory governance.

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