Pakhuis de Zwijger focuses on the future of the region, our country and the world from an urban perspective through its programs and projects. Our approach to the large and complex social issues and challenges is value-driven and the programs and projects aim to contribute to better cities for everyone.

Future focused
We are an independent and progressive platform for everyone who has ideas and plans for the cities of tomorrow. Or better yet: for the whole world. We have a curious attitude and look critically at the past and present. In our programming we investigate new solutions for urgent social issues and tasks – such as affordable housing, equal opportunity or sustainable economies – whereby we constantly ask ourselves: in what kind of a world do we want to live in the future?

We look at global developments from the perspective of the city. After all, cities are the places where the major challenges of our time – such as racism, climate change and gentrification – manifest themselves in a pronounced way. Cities are also places of progress and innovation. Many different people live there, all with their own dreams, ambitions and wishes. When we bring these people together, creativity is spawned and unexpected solutions arise for the major challenges we face.

Politics, economy, ecology and social issues: they are all interconnected. In the city, the country and all over the world. That is why we believe in an integrated approach. Only when we see the whole picture can we develop sustainable solutions. That is why we connect people from different disciplines and bring together individuals with a variety of opinions. In this way we arrive at conversations that generate innovative ideas that make the world and the city a better place.

We build cities for all. Cities are becoming increasingly diverse. There is no majority of one population group: differences in age, cultural background, gender (identity), religion, sexual orientation, and physical, mental and economic capacities are an intrical part of the city. Cities where everyone feels at home. Where the human dimension is at the centre, where exclusion has no place, representation and power distribution are in balance and all people are given equal opportunities.


We focus on an economy in which the well-being, health and resilience of people and the planet are at the centre, here and all around the world. In doing so, we respect the limits of our earth and commit to circularity, climate, environment and biodiversity. We are on our way to a sustainable city and society.

It all starts in the street, the neighbourhood and the district. This is where the people are with whom we want to build a better city and metropolitan area, a more beautiful world: a bottom-up approach. Here, residents, entrepreneurs and social organisations have a seat at the table, alongside governments, the business community and knowledge institutions. Only through cooperation between all stakeholders within the city and region can we arrive at sustainable solutions for everyone.

We see all urban issues as design-related. By bringing together designers, artists and other creatives, we make room for imagination and different ways of looking at things. For example, we work on design principles with which we can shape a world that contributes to the happiness and well-being of all its residents.

We bring people together, find common denominators and are not afraid to start awkward conversations. In order to take the next step together, we use the value-oriented dialogue as a form of discussion. The dialogue focuses on listening, understanding and constructive cooperation with one another.

We offer space to all people who are committed to a city for all. We explicitly make room for marginalised groups, so that everyone (regardless of age, cultural background, capacities, faith and gender) is heard. We ensure that innovations and ideas that contribute to just and sustainable cities are given a stage. Access to our conversations is and will remain free.

We use storytelling to put current topics on the agenda and present innovative ideas. Stories inspire, give meaning and appeal to the imagination. We ensure that new talents and established names can meet one another. This creates new stories and exchanges between different points of view and mutual understanding.

Aankomende programma’s
Kringwijs presenteert 4
Leertraject voor Sociaal Ondernemers in Nieuw-West
Training voor sociaal ondernemers met een niet-Nederlandse achtergrond in Amsterdam Nieuw-West.
Morgen, 11.00
Jong Amsterdam
Makers Meetup
Meetup voor makers: een moment om het creatieve werkveld te bespreken, zoals de subsidie-jungle, te brainstormen over projecten en portfoliotips te delen.
ma 24 jun, 19.00
Designing Cities for All: RE-generation 26
More Than Cities
(Re)Designing Connection w/ Shibaura House #3: How can we cultivate meaningful connections between individuals and their communities in rapidly urbanising environments?
ma 24 jun, 20.00
De Groene Live 33
Gekaapt door het kapitaal
De publieke sector wordt steeds vaker gekaapt door het commerciële kapitaal. Hoe heeft dit zo ver kunnen komen, en wat kunnen we er tegen doen?
ma 24 jun, 20.00
Houtbouw XL 2024
Rondleiding Robotlab op de HvA
Bezoek het RobotLab van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam, waar ze zich bezighouden met het robotmatig verwerken van resthout tot nieuwe (interieur) producten.
di 25 jun, 09.30
Houtbouw XL 2024
De Houten Eeuw
Een uitgebreid programma over de rol van hout in de transitie naar een duurzame bouw. Met keynote sprekers en breakout sessies!
di 25 jun, 11.30
Ondersteboven presenteert 2
In gesprek over de Amsterdamse alliantie QUEER 365 in aanloop naar Pride. Wat is de status van de gestelde ambities?
di 25 jun, 19.00
Houtbouw XL 2024
The Age of Timber evening program
What new developments and projects are there currently in the timber industry? What do we have to do to get the great timber revolution going on?
di 25 jun, 20.00
Boekpresentatie & nagesprek
Recept voor maatschappelijke verandering
Hoe mobiliseer je mensen om de samenleving in beweging te brengen? En wat is een goede campagne? Met o.a. auteur van het boek Wijnand Duyvendak.
di 25 jun, 20.00
From Consumers to Citizens, on Representation in Digital Society
How does global digital culture supplant local culture and why should we care.
di 25 jun, 20.00
Met Andere Ogen 15
Veerkracht in het pedagogisch ecosysteem
Hoe maken we van onze eigen opdracht elkaars opdracht in onderwijs, zorg, jeugdhulp, kinderopvang en beleid?
wo 26 jun, 19.30
Maaltijd van Morgen 15
Eet je beter
Een avond over preventieve gezondheid. Wat zijn de ingrediënten van een gebalanceerde, groene en gezonde leefstijl?
wo 26 jun, 20.00
ForHanna 1
Edit your story
Een avond met verschillende sprekers & presentaties uit diverse fotografie genres rond 'De kracht van je verhaal' en uitreiking van een nieuw boekje.
wo 26 jun, 20.00
Verhalen uit Nieuw-West 41
Tori’s uit de buurt
Onze avond vol verhalen uit Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Deze editie gaan wij kijken en luisteren naar verhalen uit de buurt.
do 27 jun, 19.00
Filmvertoning & nagesprek
Liefde in Procedure
Een jong stel verkent de impact van een asielprocedure op hun relatie.
do 27 jun, 19.30
Een grapje moet kunnen, toch?
Een onderzoek naar de rol van humor in activisme en verzet.
do 27 jun, 19.30
Tipping points 3
Droge tropen
Kunnen we de vernietiging van de Amazone stoppen voordat de regen ophoudt in het regenwoud?
do 27 jun, 20.00
In de spotlight