Pakhuis de Zwijger focuses its programs on the future of cities, the metropolitan region, our country and the world. We do this together with the two branches New Metropolis ‘Nieuw-West’ and ‘Zuidoost’. Our approach to large and complex issues and challenges is value-driven. Through seven main topics – social, spatial planning, sustainability, technology, economy, democracy and creative industry – and twenty ambitions formulated by us, we create programs together with our partners and realise projects that contribute to better living environments for all.

In the world of tomorrow, everyone has access to quality and affordable education, good care, work and a home. Power and property are distributed fairly.

In the world of tomorrow, everyone participates and all preferences, appearances and backgrounds are represented. The diversity of the society is visible at all levels and in all institutions.

In the world of tomorrow, everyone has a say. Control, ownership and responsibility are evenly distributed. The government works for and with the inhabitants of the city.

In the world of tomorrow there is space for companies and individuals to do business. The value that is created flows back to the city and benefits all its inhabitants, in the form of money and knowledge.

Tomorrow’s world is a pleasant place to live. The air is clean and there is plenty of green. Careful consideration is given to scarce space, residents and visitors can meet in public spaces and children can play safely on the streets.

In tomorrow’s world, everyone can live a carefree life. It is a place with room for differences of opinion without resulting in violence, exclusion or radicalisation. Everyone feels free, at home and safe and takes responsibility for each other’s safety.

In tomorrow’s world, everyone has access to good and appropriate healthcare, nutritious and varied food, clean air, a green environment and sports facilities. Everyone can lead a healthy, active, dignified and happy lifestyle.

In tomorrow’s world, no one will be left out. People look after each other and there is a listening ear for everyone. The government offers an accessible social safety net.

In tomorrow’s world, everyone is provided for. Everyone has sufficient resources for a home, transport, healthy food, information and leisure.

In tomorrow’s world, accessibility is a universal reality. The infrastructure is designed from a human perspective and does not take up unnecessary space.

In tomorrow’s world, there is good education for everyone. There is lifelong opportunity for personal development to grow alongside the labor market. Everyone’s talent is seen and used.

In tomorrow’s world, entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are stimulated. Local, sustainable and social enterprises ensure a resilient and inclusive urban economy.

In tomorrow’s world, all raw materials will be reused locally and economic growth is not the ultimate goal. There is no more waste and a next life is central to the design of goods.

In tomorrow’s world, people live in harmony with nature. There is sufficient space in the city and surrounding areas for local food production and biodiversity is promoted.

Climate neutral
Tomorrow’s world will no longer contribute to climate change. We will live in balance with our natural environment and leave behind a liveable city for future generations.

Climate proof
In tomorrow’s world, we are prepared for the changing climate. The urban environment is designed for extreme rainfall, drought, heat or sudden temperature changes.

Science, innovation and new technology will be stimulated In tomorrow’s world. It is a place of research and inspiration. Anyone who wants to can be part of the open and reliable digital society.

In tomorrow’s world, art is valued and imagination is encouraged. There is a lot of room to color outside the lines. Creation, innovation and design are central issues.

In tomorrow’s world there is plenty of room for a diverse range of art, culture and nightlife. There is room for fun and relaxation, creativity and experimentation

In tomorrow’s world, functionality and beauty complement each other. Architecture and the public arena are consciously designed for everyone, without losing sight of the importance



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