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How do community living projects contribute to integration and what does it actually mean?
dinsdag 14 mei 2019, 20.00
di 14 mei 2019, 20.00

More and more often statusholders and Dutch youngsters are living together under one roof. The aim of these community living projects? Stimulate integration. In 2016 the first community living project Startblok Riekerhaven for young refugees and Dutch youngsters opened its doors. After Riekerhaven, more of these community living projects, like Startblok Elzenhagen, followed. Now that these mixed housing projects are running for a few years, it is time to examine them a bit more closely. How do the residents experience it? How do you build a community? And what does integration actually mean? Tonight, we will talk about it with residents (statusholders and Dutch youngsters), the housing corporations and the municipality.

What will we do?

  • Riekerhaven was the first community living project where young status-holders and Dutch youngsters live together. After Riekerhaven, more of the projects followed. Rienk Postuma, manager development and realization at De Key and initiator of Riekerhaven , explains the rise of these kinds of community living projects.
  • With residents David Bilal (Elzenhagen), Casper Koolmees (Stek Oost) and Paula Smith (community builder SPARK Village) we will talk about their experiences living in these community living projects. Is it what they expected it to be? To what extent do they feel it contributes to integration?
  • Mohammed Badran is the founder of Syrian Volunteers in the Netherlands, member of the Nieuw Amsterdam Raad and lives in Amsterdam for 6 years now. When he arrived here, the community living projects did not exist in Amsterdam. During a short interview we will learn about the obstacles that existed then and now, and if living in one of these projects would have made a difference.
  • After this, we will dig deeper into the matter of integration with PhD student Lea Klarenbeek. What exactly is integration and who should carry out integration? Lea will guide us through the (il)logic behind many of the ongoing ideas about integration and the tricky sentiments that the subject brings along.
  • We will end the evening with a workshop ‘Unconscious Bias’ by Fares Al Qadi. During this workshop we will become aware of our unconscious bias. Tools will be handed to break through them, in an effort to become closer to one another. This workshop will be used as a warming up for all speakers and all guests to join the brainstorm on integration.
  • We will end the evening with a reflection from the housing corporations: what lessons do they take out of this evening?
dinsdag 14 mei 2019, 20.00
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