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Maak je Stad! - with Christian Felber & Michel Bauwens 3

Towards a Democratic Economy

Is participatory budgeting taking the democratization of our local economy far enough -or are more radical steps necessary?
This event is in English
Tuesday 3 Mar, 20.00
di 3 mrt, 20.00
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As part of the democratization agenda of Amsterdam, the city will allocate up to 8 million euro for experimentation with participatory budgeting. Citizens are invited to improve their living environment, by redistributing the available budget amongst various neighborhood initiatives. How does this form of participation bring us closer towards a more democratic economy? Together with Michel Bauwens (P2P Foundation) and Christian Felber (Economy for the Common Good), we explore more radical steps towards democratic and economic innovation.


We start the evening with an in-depth interview on the values, principles and methods for (the transition towards) a democratic economy. Which insights, practices and experiences from the Economy for the Common Good and the P2P Foundation can strengthen this transition? With special guests:

We then look at the possibilities for an Amsterdam approach towards the democratization of our economy. Which steps are already being made, such as current participatory budgeting pilots; and what does Amsterdam need to develop its democratic economic agenda further? A conversation between:

  • Rutger Groot Wassink works as deputy mayor of Amsterdam on the topics of social affairs, diversity and democratization. In March 2019 he presented the Agenda Democratization Amsterdam, including a city-wide project on participatory budgetting.
  • Estefanía Matesanz is Chairwoman for the Dutch Chapter of the Economy for the Common Good Movement and holds board positions in the international financial sector.
  • Charlot Schans is urban sociologist and advisor for STIPO, an organization that works on creating better cities. She is also involved in the development of Het Stadmakersfonds.
  • Heidi Leenaarts is the founder and director of United Economy, a sustainable trade network. In 2018 she was nominated 32nd in the sustainable top 100 of Trouw.

We end the evening with final reflections by Christian Felber and Michel Bauwens.

About Amsterdammers Maak je Stad! # 2

This event is part of “Amsterdammers, Maak je Stad!“. A learning trajectory in which residents and civil servants work together to design and strengthen the development and implementation of knowledge, insights and concrete steps for democratic innovation and participation.

During the second edition, the organizations Kennisland, WAAG and Pakhuis de Zwijger have been commissioned by the City of Amsterdam to focus this trajectory on the current experiments with participatory budgeting in Amsterdam. How to strengthen the collaboration between civil servants and citizens, in order to move towards systemic change and a well-functioning (participatory) democracy?

This event is in English
Tuesday 3 Mar, 20.00
Grote zaal
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