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Branded Protest

Activists, designers, strategists and artists from around the world present and discuss branding a protest.
This event is in English
Friday 24 Jan, 20.00
vr 24 jan, 20.00
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Branding has become a means to unify a movement and to give protest a visual identity. It’s the strength of the message that can unite people. We look at the different ways protest is branded. The most successful protest movements in the world make use of branding techniques and generate traction with millions of supporters for a cause. This is a must attend talkshow for entrepreneurs, designers, social designers, grassroots organizers, activists, NGO affiliates and anyone interested in the visual story behind the movements that are (re-)shaping our world.

We talk, interview and discuss with Extinction Rebellion UK and Amnesty International and show video’s of the Women’s March, The Umbrella Movement, Black Lives Matter, Pussy Riot, March for Science and others. We will talk about their creative process and their experiences with the visualization of these iconic protest movement.

Book: Branded Protest

Branded Protest is full of case studies from around the world, from the Umbrella Movement, Extinction Rebellion and Amnesty International to the Women’s March. Illustrated with expressive photography and visuals, including interviews with activists, designers, and organizers, such as Joachim Roncin, Kacey Wong, Jayna Zweiman, and many others.

Extinction Rebellion Arts Group.

With c-founders: Miles Glyn / Clive Russell / Charlie Waterhouse. After working together with Clare Farrell on several projects the foursome named ‘Extinction Rebellion’ (XR) and began developing the look and feel in May ’18. Process was at the heart of the movement from the beginning, by linking printing techniques with digital technology, the group was able to inspire participation and quickly expand the Arts group. In April ’19 the XR Design Programme was released worldwide. The Programme can only be used non-commercially, XR does not sell merchandise – there is no time for Business as usual.


Ingeborg Bloem is co-founder of xSITE with a studio in Amsterdam. She is a cross-media creative director and designer with broad experience in the development of brand and communication projects.

Klaus Kempenaars is co-founder of xSITE with a studio in New York. Specializing in branding experiences, Kempenaars has collaborated with international companies with various scopes and focuses.

This event is in English
Friday 24 Jan, 20.00
Grote zaal
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