From April – September 2021, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Bureau Burgerberaad, Extinction Rebellion NL and De Transitiemotor join forces in the international research project “Climate Citizens’ Assemblies: learning with, from and for Europe”. An investigation on how Citizens’ Assemblies can help us strengthen democracy and fight climate change.

Our European parliamentary democracies have fallen short in solving one of the most pressing issues of the 21st century: climate change. The dominance of party politics, short-term thinking, the commercial lobby of multinationals and polarization have not only lead to insufficient climate policies but have also weakened our democracies.

Meanwhile, a growing number of countries is experimenting with a relatively new democratic tool, Citizens’ Assemblies: a form of deliberative democracy, in which a group of randomly selected citizens come together to consider a specific issue, and come up with policy recommendations. Various European examples have shown that this model does not only offer more inclusive political representation, but also quicker and more effective solutions to complex challenges -such as climate change.

The international research project “Climate Citizens’ Assemblies: learning with, from and for Europe” aims to utilize the current momentum of Citizens’ Assemblies in Europe. Through the development of an online knowledge platform, and by bringing different European keyplayers together in various LIVECAST sessions, the project invests in the exchange of knowledge, networks and experiences, to enhance collective learning and develop guidelines for succesful and just implementation of Climate Citizens’ Assemblies in Europe. With as overall goal: to contribute to effective, sustainable and just climate policies and a 21st century-proof democracy in Europe.