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Ronald van der Kemp meets Duran Lantink

A conversation with one of today's most intriguing fashion designers about career choices, inspiration and recycling.
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Friday 15 Mar 2019, 20.00
vr 15 mrt 2019, 20.00
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Dutch Masters presents established dutch creatives and entrepreneurs, giving us an insight into their work, life goals and sources of inspiration. Previous guests were, amongst others, Joost Swarte, Conny Janssen, Paul Mijksenaar, Guillaume Schmidt and Barbara Stok. This edition we welcome progressive fashion designer Ronald van der Kemp. After starting his own label RVDK a couple of years back, he now dresses stars like Lena Dunham and Emma Watson. Ronald stands out through his ethical statements. His couture collection are, for example, made from recycled materials only. His mission? To create a world where fashion is sustainable, both environmentally and economically. Every edition we ask the Dutch Master to invite a Dutch Talent and this edition fashion designer Duran Lantink will join us.

Ronald van der Kemp

The fashion industry, anno 2019, encompasses an endless stream of collections and uses tons and tons of materials. According to Ronald van der Kemp this is absolutely unnecessary. After 25 years of work for big names, like Barneys, Guy Laroche and Wolford, he decided to change the game and started designing ‘clothes with a soul’.

© Marijke Aerden

In 2014 he founded his own label RVDK and since then he has been working on his own collections. Ronald’s work is a true craft. Not a single piece of fast fashion leaves his studio, just sustainably created works of art. His career as a designer blew up over the last two years. His clothes, which are known for their super feminine and outspoken design, are loved bij people all around the world. Stars like Mary J. Blige, Justin Bieber and Doutzen kroes have been spotted wearing his designs. RVDK already showed at Haute Couture Week in Paris, and next to demicouture, pieces that are available in limited quantities, Ronald now also makes exclusive pieces for specific clients.

I don’t design a whole collection each time. I’d rather compliment my previous work and add more pieces to the collection. Why would a beautiful piece of clothing be outdated after one season?

Good work is timeless, that is his vision. This idea can also be found in his new collaboration with the sneaker brand Filling Pieces. Together they are creating a collection of sustainable sneakers and streetwear, where the materials used come from the left-over fabrics en leathers from Filling Pieces’ archives.

Duran Lantink

© Duran Lantink

Everybody who watched Jannele Monáe’s PYNK music video has undoubtedly noticed Duran Lantink’s work. But his ‘vagina-pants’ are just one example of Duran being more than just an aesthestic fashion designer. Breaching issues like massproduction and upcycling, the young designer is known for his ethical statements in combination with epic design. Only recently graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy and the Sandberg Institute, Duran has already been nominated for the LVMH award, was part of the International Fashion Showcase (IFS) 2019 and will soon be showcased at Centraal Museum in Utrecht. How does he see the future of fashion and what does it take to stay independent in an incredibly commercial industry?

This event is in English
Friday 15 Mar 2019, 20.00
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