Your Friday night with Jennifer Muntslag and creative frontrunners!

In Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Jennifer (AKA The Naked MC) Muntslag talks for an hour with our guests about making, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity, and social themes.

Why do they make what they are making? How do they do it? What drives them in their work and where can we find it? Those are the questions we deal with in Uncovering Creatives.


Friday Night Live: Uncovering Creatives

Film, music, design, visual arts, photography, fashion and theater; every corner of our city is buzzing with creative makers. Who are the makers of today who are making an impression? The frontrunners who leave their mark on the creative scene of Amsterdam and the surrounding area? During Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Led by our moderator Jennifer Muntslag, we spend an hour talking to our guests about creatorship, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity and social themes.

In this programme:
a wide variety of creatives; from photographers, visual artists, performers to street artists, or make-up and hair artists.
Jennifer Muntslag
Moderator, host & workshop leader
Jefferson Yaw Frempong-Manson
Acteur, zanger, danser, spoken-word artiest & tekenaar
Julian Stips
Artist & Illustrator
Malu Ultee
founder Bound Studios
Coco Olakunle
Raul Balai
Amsterdam based artist , Nederland Wordt Beter
Lilian Stolk
Director at The Hmm & Emoji Expert
Cherella Gessel
Allround Performing Artist
Darwin Winklaar
Multidisciplinary artist
Ruby van Hoorn
Founder of Cream Ceramics
Xiu Yun Yu
Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist
Isabell Janssen
Visual Creator
Frederike Berendsen
Singer songwriter, medeoprichter Music Declares emergency NL, schreef ‘a four step guide to reducing your environmental impact as an artist’
Music Declares Emergency
Network of music professionals who call for climate emergency
Jan Heinsbroek
Street Artist, Founder of JanIsDeMan
Nock Nock Art Fair
New art fair
Ciel ter Velde
Founder of Nock Nock Art Fair
Anne Rose Cornelisse
Founder of Nock Nock Art Fair
Aukje Dekker
Visual artist / co-founder and director Sexyland
Sunny Jansen
Fashion DJ en PR manager Daily Paper
Brian Elstak
Beeldend kunstenaar, illustrator & kinderboeken auteur
Sanne Rovers
Documentaire maker
Aaron van Valen
Director at Czar
Josephine Zwaan
Singer Song Writer and Music Producer
Rosetta Beats
Het platform voor vrouwelijke en gender non-conforming muziekproducers in Nederland
Iris Haverkamp Begemann
Documentary photographer
Aicha Abdoun
Fashion & Beauty Photographer
Awura Abena Simpe
Managing editor Cosmopolitan NL & Founder of The Creative Women Collective
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