In Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Jennifer (AKA The Naked MC) Muntslag talks for an hour with our guests about making, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity, and social themes. This evening we welcome photographer Coco Olakunle, artist Raul Balai and co-founder of the hmmm Lillian Stolk. Join us at Pakhuis de Zwijger for a mini-workshop by Coco Olakunle!

Dit programma is zowel fysiek als live online te volgen. Kies bij jouw reservering tussen een fysieke plek in de zaal of een online livecast reservering.

Coco Olakunle is a Nigerian-Dutch photographer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She is an autodidact photographer who celebrates the beauty and diversity of young people in subcultures around the globe. Her work is a crossover between documentary and fashion, coming from a human geography point of view. She worked for brands like Harper’s Bazaar, Ivy Park, and The New Originals, but she also has her own photo projects in which makes intimate pictures of for example upcoming artists in Nigeria, refugees in their full pride in Kenya or a series about black hair. Coco will give a mini-workshop to preview the weekly workshop series that will start at the Meervaart on October 15th.

Raul Balai a.k.a. el bastardo is fascinated by the way our exploitative state of mind frames the shape of the world. His work is about providing insight into power structures: how they resonate in the way the story of history is told and reproduced, and how they lead to the society we have today. He uses a number of different styles, genres, to expose and explore what remains at stake within the history of diversities. Not only as an artist or curator, but also in his practice as an exhibition maker and designer. His latest work is part of the Gouden Koets exhibition at Amsterdam Museum in which he plays with the process of the selection of the eight “purebred” Friesian or Gelderlander horses from the Royal Stables that draw the Golden Coach.

The Hmm is an inclusive platform for internet culture. Through events, online editorials, expert advice and educational programs, they reflect on people’s online behavior, the latest internet trends, and mechanisms behind Big Tech companies and their impact on society. The aim of the platform is to contribute to the professionalization of young makers by offering them a stage and confronting them with the context in which they operate. The program is called ‘The Hmm Event’ through live events, in which ten image makers, describers and consumers present their images, fascinations and experiences in five minutes. This platform is nominated for the Amsterdamprijs of 2021. The director of The Hmm, Lilian Stolk will talk about her interest in understanding the Internet and she will tell more about her special focus on internet languages and the rise of image-based communication.

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