In Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Jennifer (AKA The Naked MC) Muntslag talks for an hour with our guests about making, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity, and social themes. This evening we welcome make-up and hair stylist Xiu Yun Yu and visual creator Isabell Janssen. Also in the studio will be Frederike Berendsen to tell about the Dutch Music Declares Emergency and to play some songs with her band FRÉ.

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Xiu Yun Yu is a professional freelance make-up artist & hairstylist based in the Netherlands. Her love for makeup and beauty started at a young age, and in 2016 she decided to follow this passion by entering the House of Orange Makeup School in Amsterdam to learn this art from the best. In order to not limit herself to the makeup scene she also applied for the Hair School. Now, 5 years later, she worked with a number of big fashion and cosmetic brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein and NYX Cosmetics. Never tired of learning, she develops skills by participating in courses given by global makeup artists like Liselotte Saarloos and Sir John. Besides her work as a professional makeup and hair artist, she started a very personal project called MONOLIDS. With this project she tries to inspire people to embrace their monolid eye and to be proud of their uniqueness. Xiu Yun Yu wants to create awareness among the East Asian community and show them that there is more than the narrow beauty standard.

As a visual creator, Isabell Janssen (she/they), she always uses their creative outputs to make the world more fun, equal and inclusive. She does this by making amazing graphic designs, shooting impactful photography and cinematography, and creating sustainable brand strategy. Isabell graduated Fashion and Branding at AMFI in 2017, and started her own content development agency in 2016 called Outsider.i. With Outsider.i, Isabell uses film and photography to celebrate diversity, empowering others through highlighting representation. Through their lens, she captures people in their natural state, while portraying unique stories. Raw, bold and in your face with a focus on people – that is what their photography represents. She already worked for clients such as Vice, Nike, Filling Pieces and Milkshake Festival. Since March this year, Isabell also runs the creative studio, Seeks Studio, where her mission is to create an inclusive world through representation and sharing information with branding and design projects.

Music Declares Emergency is an international platform and community to promote sustainability through using music. Music is a powerful tool that can be used to bring about the social and cultural change needed to tackle the climate crisis and connect and inspire millions of people worldwide into action. First of all, together with MDE Netherlands, we mobilize artists and professionals from our own soil to make a case for more climate action. Second, we organize local events and participate in protest actions, drawing attention to the climate and ecological emergency. And finally, we conduct scientific research into the impact of our own industry, with the aim of offering a handle to reduce the ecological footprint. With MDE we join forces for connection, sustainability and greening. They will launch the Dutch variant at the beginning of November, and Fréderike Berendsen will join our table for a short intermezzo to tell us about their goals and missions with MDE The Netherlands.

FRÉ is a Dutch-German jazz/artpop band led by singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer Frederike Berendsen. The group creates an uplifting, social musical experience, moving and connecting with its audience through earnest stories, a social musical experience designed to grow in concert. Come to the studio to see a live performance!


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