New Dutch Wave & CreativeNL invite you to ‘The Counterwave’: a full evening programme aiming to recapture the experience, learnings, and magic of SXSW’22.

This is the opportunity to meet new people, gather new ideas and learn all about the i.r.l. rebirth of the biggest creative get-together in the world; the next trends and technologies, the new connections, the music, the people. All SXSW future insights, are filtered, summarized, and presented by a choice selection of expert participants.

Dit programma is enkel fysiek te bezoeken in onze zaal. Het programma is wel later online terug te kijken via of via ons YouTube-kanaal.
You can expect conversations on:
Most impactful innovations & trends for the future @SXSW

With Mike Veldhuis, Sandra van de Ven, Marieke Smit and Austin Simms. Moderated by Vera Kuipers.

The Future of Experiences by Dutch Digital Design

With Bert Hagendoorn, Ruben van Bambost, Dani Polak and Cees Dingler. Moderated by Susanne van Nierop.

The new society @SXSW

With Karen van Ruiten, Arjen Heus and Ine Gevers. Moderated by Simone van Bennekom.

More information about the speakers:

Austin Simms. Motivated by a belief that real change needs to come from consumers, Austin co-founded, Dayrize in 2019. After 20+ years spent working in senior positions at major corporations like Nike, Philips and Brooks Running, Austin had a desire to use his skills to address climate change. With a strong commercial background, he believed that putting the power in consumers hands was important to make real change. He recognized that the first thing that consumers needed to make positive change was access to information to make better decisions, which is why he started Dayrize to make impact assessment transparent for business and consumers. Austin believes commerce and sustainability are linked, and business needs to be a major catalyst for addressing climate change.

Karen van Ruiten is leading the teams of All is Health and institute for Positive Health. Before that she worked during 9 years in several positions at the Ministry of Health. All about Health is a self-regulating network of over 3000 partners, working in 20 regions in the Netherlands. Together with the Institute for Positive Health the work is focused on a broader more holistic perspective on health. During her studies Business Administration as well as Public Administration she focused on health, care and innovation. Currently she is also chairmen of Citizen Science Research committee at Zonmw, member of Strategic Board Healthy Aging Network North Netherlands and national coordinator Sustainable Development Goal 3 Health and Wellbeing at SDG Netherlands.

Ine Gevers is director of the Niet Normaal Foundation, mounting large-scale art exhibitions on topical issues: Niet Normaal (2009/10), Ja Natuurlijk (2013), Hacking Habitat (2016), Robot Love (2018), (Im)Possible Bodies (2020), Fake Me Hard (2021) en COME ALIVE (2022). She is author/concept-owner/editor of Beyond Ethics and Aesthetics (SUN, 1997); Difference on Display (2009); Yes Naturally (NAi010, 2013); Hacking Habitat (NAi010, 2016), Robot Love (Terra, 2018) and international speaker (TEDx, SXSW).

Marieke Smit is since 2021 part of the Sustainability team for Aviation within the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Her focus areas are technology and innovation and she leads the program for hybrid-electric propulsion, part of the Sustainable Aviation Table, a public private partnership in the Netherlands. Her policy work focuses on the possibility of introducing a CO2 cap for aviation. Marieke has a background in Strategy and for the past 5 years she worked for Royal Schiphol Group. She led the strategy team while developing Vision 2050 and the Sustainability Roadmap 2030. She enjoys combining process and content. Because of her experience on both the private and the public side, she has a good overview of what needs to be done to decarbonize aviation in the coming years.

Bert Hagendoorn is specialized in positioning and growth strategy for creative businesses. He is also the founder and chairman of the Dutch Digital Design foundation, celebrating outstanding digital design from the Netherlands, across the globe. Almost 30 leading digital agencies are affiliated with the foundation as partners. Also this edition of SXSW, Dutch Digital Design was part of New Dutch Wave, where they organized the event ‘The Future of Experiences’.

Mike Veldhuis is co-founder and commercial mastermind at Nalta. In this role, he is involved in sales processes, marketing, and building and maintaining sustainable partnerships and relationships. Mike’s mission is to make people happy, perform optimally for customers, grow as a company and keep improving. How does he achieve this? By focusing on sustainable relationships, through podcasts and videos, and by bringing positivity, energy, fun and creativity! As part of a larger digital ecosystem, Mike wants to make a lasting positive impact. In his own time, Mike produces music.

Danny Frietman is an entrepreneur and key driver of new initiatives in the enterprise digital market. With a key focus on sharing knowledge between public and private organizations, he has created an eco-system which is tailored to address specific needs in this challenging market. Danny is the co-founder of New Dutch Wave during SXSW and Dutch pavilions during Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo. He is also co-founder of GovTechNL and is investor in multiple ventures, recently in Etergo, the ‘Tesla of electric appscooters’.

Dani Polak is a creative with over 10 years of experience working with emerging technologies. Crossing fluidly between advertising, product and start-ups, he creates bespoke campaigns, products, services, and much more – including the world’s first internet museum. Dani now works as Creative Director at code d’azur Amsterdam, and leads masterclasses and lectures at the HKU, Hogeschool InHolland, and the University of Amsterdam.

Arjen Heus is founder of social startup, creator of Hoodlab living labs, executive producer of a series of urban culture documentaries, moderator and speaker. With roots in The Netherlands, Suriname and India, he sees himself a citizen of the world, currently living and working from Amsterdam. With Arjen and his team work in participatory citizenship and social development in underprivileged neighbourhoods in metropolitan areas.

Claudia Schwarz is a Strategic Tech Advisor & Project Manager with a focus on MusicTech and other Creative Technologies, Sustainability and Social Impact Tech, AI & Machine Learning and Tech Ethics, Smart (Creative) City Strategies and Cross-Innovation as well as future-facing innovative conference & festival curation and formats and the promotion of (more) diversity in Tech. Selected as a participant in the EU-funded Keychange program, co-founder of Music Women* Germany, Claudia is furthermore dedicated to the promotion of diversity and inclusivity within the Creative Industries, particularly of Diversity in Music & Technology.
Vera Kuipers is a versatile and energetic connector with trans- Atlantic experience in the public and private sector. Kuipers is a relationship oriented bridge builder and team player, with ample experience in the field of international cultural policy, public diplomacy and communication. She is interested in new ideas and innovation, and an easily convert my ideas into a concrete action plan to hit next level. Kuipers thrives in a versatile role in which she can be the liaison and focus on form and content with room for my own initiative and creativity.


Simone van Bennekom is managing director of CreativeNL the international portal of the Topsector Creative Industries that has its focus on international impact and market expansion of the Dutch creative industry. She also heads the Entrepreneurship and Fair Practice projects at the Amsterdam University of the Arts with a focus on developing supplementary entrepreneurship training for AHK students and alumni. Van Bennekom is an Economics graduate from Erasmus University Rotterdam and runs het own business: The Soft Power Company. Working in cooperation with the Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Van Bennekom researches and publishes on internationalisation as a growth strategy.

Sandra van de Ven is communications advisor and founder of the Ministry of Innovative Affairs (Miniz). Sandra’s focus is on internal communication and organizational changes. Always related to digital innovation. Together with her Miniz mates she encourages people to integrate digital innovation in their work. With a balanced mix of strategic advice, internal campaigns, smart tooling and fun experiences they make it work. In her own time, Sandra plays alto saxophone in a funk & soul band.
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Co-founder New Dutch Wave