It will not have escaped your notice that we are in the middle of a socio-economic transition. As it becomes increasingly painfully clear that our current economic system is unsustainable due to advancing climate change and the collapse of biodiversity, there is more and more room for fundamentally different, pluralistic economic voices. The neo-classical economic dominance with its focus on welfare, improvement of living standards and economic growth is making way for a new focus on well-being, improvement of living standards and ecological growth. In this triptych, you get to know a number of radically new economic thinkers and radically new economic thinking.

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Today’s topic is regenerative economics. How can economics play a life-enhancing role? How can we adapt economics to the principles and patterns of nature that have shown us the viable path for billions of years?

DossierNieuwe Economie
Group 5 Thriving
Programme seriesNew Economy x Kees Klomp

In the New Economy, THRIVE, Kees Klomp and Shinta Oosterwaal share their search for alternative economic approaches.