In relation to October 12th, we are organising the yearly Indigenous Liberation Day in the run-up to the solidarity march and demonstration on October 14th. During this event, we will have cultural performances, panels and international speakers joining us. Together we’ll reflect upon the day that Columbus invaded Abya Yala (the American continent) in 1492. A date that marks the symbolic beginning of European colonialism. Resulting in the breakdown of the right to self-determination, identity and culture of Indigenous People worldwide. Indigenous land defenders are still displaced and killed; rivers and the environment are being polluted; and land is being colonised for large multinationals. The result is the current climate crisis. Therefore, it is time for reparations, justice and decolonisation! This festival offers a platform for reparatory perspectives on the climate crisis, inter-generational healing, cultural values and solidarity. One of the central themes for this year will be about returning land to Indigenous People and ending the unlawful and ongoing ‘Doctrine of Discovery’.

More information about the speakers and programme will follow in September.

Background information on October 12th

On the 12th of October, 1492, Cristobal Columbus arrived on Turtle Island/Abya Yala (read: American continent), where colonial settlers and conquerors of European descent first came into contact with the Indigenous Peoples of those lands. This date marks the symbolic beginning of a catastrophe for Indigenous Peoples worldwide: a period of relentless colonisation for more than 500 years. It marks the beginning of genocide, robbery and oppression. That is why it is important not only to celebrate this day but also to reflect on the continuing struggle for decolonisation and reparations. This is why, every year, we join forces and tell a different narrative. A narrative that moves away from the nationalist narrative that portrays ‘discoverers’ as heroes. Indigenous Liberation Day is organised on a yearly basis with the Indigenous Diaspora, solidarity organisations and activists.

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Momenteel worden inheemse rechten en het zelfbeschikkingsrecht wereldwijd geschonden. Daarnaast zorgt het koloniale kapitalisme voor verdere marginalisering van inheemse volkeren door privatisering van land, hulpbronnen en grondstoffen. Het gevolg is een globale klimaat-, en milieu catastrofe. Daarom is het belangrijk dat inheemse stemmen worden gehoord. Niet alleen voor het zelfbeschikking- en mensenrechten aspect, maar ook omdat we kunnen leren van hun kennis, cosmo-visies, spiritualiteit en cultuur. Zij zijn de kennisdragers. Hun visie is niet alleen nodig voor het dekolonisatieproces, maar ook voor het herstel van onze relatie met Moeder Aarde en het verdere regeneratieproces van de natuur. In het kader van de Indigenous Liberation Day zal rondom 12 oktober, de dag dat Columbus arriveerde in Abya Yala, een serie online evenementen plaatsvinden geïnitieerd door Aralez in samenwerking met Pakhuis de Zwijger en diverse NGOs, grassroot organisaties en Inheemse diaspora.