We are happy to announce that Pakhuis de Zwijger is launching a residency program with SHIBAURA HOUSE , a community platform in Tokyo, Japan. The aim of this program is to build an international network that approaches global social issues through the lens of creatives from various disciplines, such as artists, architects, designers, city planners, cultural entrepreneurs and many more.

From 2024 onward, SHIBAURA HOUSE and Pakhuis de Zwijger will offer artists and creatives workspace, (cheaper) accommodation and a connection with local artists and professionals as well as the possibility to organize small events or workshops. In doing so, each organization will be a harbor for creatives in the Netherlands and Japan, opening up abundant opportunities for the future. This way, we hope to make international experiences more accessible.


SHIBAURA HOUSE is a unique building with a completely glass exterior built in Shibaura, Minato-ku, an area in Tokyo, Japan undergoing redevelopment. It is a community space, but also the headquarters of a 70-year old company. The company’s business has changed enormously to keep in harmony with the changes in the times and in the social environment. Today, it simultaneously operates the original creative business, along with a new cultural creative projects that are rooted in the local community.

Contents of the residency program

The exact details of your residency will be up for your own interpretation. Of course Pakhuis de Zwijger or SHIBAURA HOUSE will collaborate with you to help and come to an arrangement! Read about the requirements whether your want to go from the Netherlands to Japan or vice versa:

From the Netherlands to Japan

Requirement(s): Applicants will be selected by Pakhuis de Zwijger based on motivation, variety and skill. After selection, participants require a recommendation letter from Pakhuis de Zwijger. Please contact Faezeh Mohammadi (faezeh@dezwijger.nl ).


  • All-day access to our designated co-working space on the 3rd floor, as well as the free space on the 1st and 2nd floor.
  • A special discount for booking our event spaces (This service includes event promotion on SNS.)
  • A discount for drinks at our café on weekdays from 11:00 to 15:00.
  • Access to the private space on the 3rd floor with a unique bedroom, which you can use for a short term stay (only available for two or three days, reservations are required).
  • Recommendation for accommodations for a long term stay.

From Japan to the Netherlands

Requirement(s): Participants need to become a Relations Member first, and acquire a recommendation letter from SHIBAURA HOUSE. Please contact [email protected] .

Pakhuis de Zwijger will offer the services as follows:

  • All-day access to our café-restaurant on the ground floor and, if needed, to our office on the 6th floor.
  • A special discount for booking our event spaces.
  • Discounted accommodation at selected hostels and hotels around Amsterdam.
  • Access to Pakhuis de Zwijger’s permanent network of societal and creative partners in- and outside of Amsterdam.
  • The opportunity to showcase your work in one of Pakhuis de Zwijger’s program series and/or exhibition spaces (in consultation with our team).

Are you an (aspiring) artist or creative who wants to gain inspiration and build networks in another part of the world? Then send us an email for further application!

Please send an e-mail to faezeh@dezwijger.nl if you are Netherlands-based and want to go to Tokyo. Email [email protected] if you’re Japan-based and looking for a residency in Amsterdam.