We’ve entered unprecedented times. The spread of COVID-19 is putting parts of our society and welfare system that we had previously taken for granted to the test, and it’s becoming harder for us to sit back and watch it unfold without trying to help.

The implications of the current pandemic are also having a major impact on global supply chains. We are still very far from understanding what the long, medium and even short terms implications of the pandemic are going to be, but we see this is a time where we – as a member of the Distributed Design Network Platform (DDMP) – can really test the possibilities of Distributed Design and bring our beliefs to practice. We are so happy to see the rise of makers and designers putting their skills to use in response to coronavirus. To encourage more people to follow the vital steps needed to slow the spread of COVID-19 and suit actions to words, DDMP NL is allying with FROLIC Studio, an Amsterdam-based product design and development studio, who is also not gonna sit back and watch without lending a hand:


To design and make things to assist in any aspect of the current situation, no matter how specific – FROLIC studio put out a call to action by offering their support, to learn more about what needs are greatest in these unprecedented times, and find other people similarly eager to help. If you have any insights or help to give, please share it with us:

Call for people working in the vital sectors:

Are you a healthcare worker? Do you work in a supermarket? Are you in a tough quarantine situation, or are there elderly people around you that need support? Are you struggling with a broken supply chain? Please share your critical challenges with us, and we will try to support as best we can. If you’ve encountered a problem that you think we might be able to help with, please fill in this (short) form: Report a need

Call for makers, designers & engineers:

Do you have skills or resources that you could offer? We would like to hear from project managers, designers, and people with software or engineering skills who would be willing to join us remotely. And if you have a workshop, 3D printers or other specialist hardware that you would be happy to put to good use, then please do get in touch. If you feel you can help, please join 100+ volunteers and fill in this (short) form: Offer support

Sharing (digitally) is caring

Even if you don’t have anything to offer directly, just sending this to your network and anybody you think may be interested would be hugely appreciated. So if you’re able to, please share this article or this link: https://www.frolicstudio.com/covid-19

Let’s get through these tough times together.

Elbow high-five!

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