City Makers Summit

27 - 30 May 2016
We Meet. We Connect. We Learn. We Act.

The Dutch Presidency of the EU, the first half of 2016, brought representatives of all thinkable governments, institutions and companies from across Europe to The Netherlands and particularly to Amsterdam. Meetings were scattered throughout the city, but especially the Maritime Museum and the new Europe-building on the old Navy grounds were places of encounter. To give the bottom up urban innovators, the City Maker, a voice in this story there was the New Europe City Makers Summit.


After the Pre-Summit (4 and 5 February), the Summit was the most important moment of meeting for City Makers from all over Europe. There came 600 of them from 150 cities to Amsterdam for these four days. Each of the four days had its own theme. Day 1 was all about meeting up again, day 2 to get more connected. Thereafter, the focus of day three was learning from each other and the fourth and final day was all about the actions that arise from this.


Click here for an overview of what happened in those four days.

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