In the research project ‘From Prevention to Resilience’, we explore the possibilities for public space and civic engagement to contribute to neighborhood resilience. What can we learn from the Covid pandemic? How did public space and civic engagement contribute to more resilience in our neighborhoods? And how can we anticipate on future shocks and stressors, such as climate change and biodiversity loss? With the LIVECAST series ‘Designing for Neighborhood Resilience’, we explore design perspectives in which social and ecological issues are addressed in an integral way. Various experts will join the conversation, and concrete design cases will serve as the basis for dialogue. Central questions are: how can designers create the conditions in order for neighborhood resilience to emerge? How can we include non-human residents (such as plants and animals) within our scope? And what is the value of such a ‘nature-inclusive’ perspective on neighborhood resilience?
This project is made possible by: ZonMw grant round ‘COVID 19 Societal Dynamics’.