Welcome to the spin-off of our Diaspora Dialogues series called "Bou di Watapana". “Bou di Watapana” is a captivating series embracing the rich narratives of the Dutch Caribbean diaspora in the Netherlands. Within this series, we delve into the lives of diverse youths and professionals from the diaspora, exploring the intricacies of their work and the compelling stories that define them. In each episode, we engage in thought-provoking conversations that unravel the 'how' and 'why' behind their chosen paths. Discover the unique perspectives that shape their endeavors, and join us as we navigate the fascinating landscapes of their personal and professional journeys. But our series isn't just about individual stories; it's a celebration of community. Explore how our guests give back to their communities, creating a positive ripple effect through their work. "Bou di Watapana'' invites you to a space where stories converge, knowledge is shared, and the spirit of community thrives.

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