Do you have a story? Share it at our monthly storytelling evening or sit back and get carried away by the stories of our performers! This evening is for you if you’re curious about other people’s stories or if you’re eager to share your own.

We call it the ‘Walk of Shame’, but in reality, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s actually quite cool to appear out of place, wearing the remnants of a night out in the morning. Even if someone randomly tries to judge you, we don’t care. So, hold your head high, embrace the messy look, have a moment of doubt about your decisions the night before and let’s discuss our personal experiences. As you reminisce, you might recall the moment you once ordered breakfast, looking ruffled with a shirt missing a button or two. What happened then or before that? Was there something that made you laugh, reflect, or both at the same time? If the answer is yes, this evening is the place to be. We’re here to celebrate those disheveled morning journeys home.

Let’s celebrate with words, sharing both the good and bad feelings, among consensual sex, moments of embarrassment, and uncomfortable situations. We can offer pats on the back or high-fives to each other, not in judgment, but with a stance of understanding and acceptance. Sharing is caring, but how about we just let people do what they want to do?

Programme seriesVerhalen uit Nieuw-West

Wat is jouw verhaal? Vertel het op onze maandelijkse verhalenavond of leun achterover en laat je meeslepen door de verhalen van anderen! Deze avond is voor jou als je nieuwsgierig bent naar andermans verhalen, als je de kunst van het vertellen wilt leren, of als je staat te popelen om zelf je verhaal te delen.