Deep-sea mining is an industry that does not exist today but is eager to take off. After all, the seabed is full of precious minerals that we can use for the energy transition, on the other hand, it is a place where ecosystems have been able to develop untouched for millions of years. Already since 2014, countries have been working on an international agreement setting rules for deep-sea mining in international waters. Who is allowed to mine the seabed, how should the environment be protected and who gets the profits? The agreement is expected to be concluded in 2025, but scientists and activists are sounding the alarm. As far as they are concerned, the effects on the environment and biodiversity are not yet sufficiently known. Time is running out for international regulation of deep-sea mining to prevent irreparable damage to the environment. In this programme, we dive deep in this topic: what exactly is deep-sea mining? What effects are known and what do we not yet know? What can we do now to set up future-proof international regulations?

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Programme seriesTrouw Duurzame 100

De Duurzame 100 van Trouw is een jaarlijkse ranglijst die bestaat uit 100 Nederlanders die het afgelopen jaar zijn opgevallen op het gebied van duurzaamheid.