In Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Jennifer ‘The Naked MC’ Muntslag talks with our guests about the craftsmanship, being a creative entrepreneur, their (creative) identity, and social themes. This evening we welcome creative duo Sisters Janssen and curator and creative producer Noukhey Forster.

Why do they make the things they make? How do they do it? What drives them in their work and where can we find it? Those are the questions we deal with in Uncovering Creatives. Join us for the conversation!

Dit programma is enkel fysiek te bezoeken in onze zaal. Het programma is wel later online terug te kijken via of via ons YouTube-kanaal.

Sisters Janssen
Sisters Tisja and Ziarah Janssen founded platform Sisters Janssen to combine their passions to inspire and motivate by visually communicating their beliefs. They felt they needed to tell their story together – to create together, make their own rules. Create more from their roots, being mixed. Tisja and Ziarah combine two minds into one piece, the mind of a painter and the mind of a conceptual artist. They believe in and strive for an inclusive and colourful future in every sense of the word.

Tisja is the one with the real conceptual mind, so most of the time the ideas, visions, and concepts are written by her. Zizi is the one with the magical hands. She brings it to life on a canvas. Two souls move as one.

Noukhey Ohim Forster
With a background in curating and producing programs for cultural institutions such as museums, festivals and music venues, Noukhey Forster always felt the need to tell new stories and create space for the underrepresented.

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Passionate about men’s fashion and art, Noukhey founded fashion platform OHIM in 2016 as a visual gathering space for new narratives in men’s fashion. Nowadays OHIM is not only curating and sharing work created by others, OHIM is rather collaborating in creating such work. OHIM finds importance in celebrating new and underexposed narratives by creating and curating media, fashion and art with a strong focus on representing people of color in men’s fashion.

With a specialization in concept creation, styling, production & curating within the fashion industry, Noukhey Ohim is working towards a more representative and inclusive fashion industry every day.

Chhaya Rampadarathsing
Chhaya started writing to free herself from burdened thoughts and feelings. She writes about socially critical themes, mental health, magical realism and her Surinamese-Hindustani culture. Albert Camus, Carl Gustav Jung, Delphine Lacompte and Haruki Murakami are some of her sources of inspiration. She performs at intimate events and mini-festivals. Becoming a published writer is what she aspires to. She is currently writing a novel

ProgrammareeksFriday Night Live

De stad leeft, de stad bruist, de stad beweegt. Friday Night Live is een wekelijkse live talkshow waar Jennifer Muntslag een groep creatives ontvangt om samen met jou het weekend in te luiden. Vanaf 20:00 Friday Night Live, elke vrijdag in PdZ!