During Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Led by our moderators Jennifer Muntslag and Jörgen Tjon a Fong, we spend an hour talking to our guests about creatorship, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity and social themes.

Sci-fi artist Esmay Wagemans creates wearable art and sees the human as a creature of social reality as well as a creature of fiction. She reflects on the digitization and technologization of society by providing a feminine point of view on what these developments mean for the future human body.By focusing on- and exploring the process of material, she is forever in search of creating new human shapes.”

Myles O’ Meally is the founder of Areté, footwear design & engineering agency. Founded in 2019 after he started his career at Nike’s European headquarters in Amsterdam and temporarily relocated to Vietnam, where he juggled time zones and developed prototypes for the highly competitive market. More recently Myles has designed sport luxury footwear for Raf Simons, Daily Paper, OFF White & Filling Pieces.

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Wie zijn de frontrunners die hun stempel drukken op de creatieve scene van Amsterdam en omstreken?