In many African countries, investigative journalism is on the rise. A new generation of changemakers uncovers scandal after scandal, energizing African protest movements fighting for social justice and good governance. The Kleptocracy Project, a longtime collaboration between tens of journalists from countries all over Africa and ZAM, unearths the corrupt practices of crooked autocrats and their handlers. More importantly, it maps the contours of a kleptocratic system. How do billions for health, education and safety ‘disappear’ and fill the pockets of a powerful few? How do international companies, PR gurus and foreign aid play into the hands of the stealing elites? How to tackle systemic dysfunction and lack of service delivery?

About ZAM Magazine

ZAM Magazine aims to support and promote a new generation of African changemakers in investigative journalism, photography, writing, arts and thinking. Hardcore prejudices and broadly ingrained perceptions about ‘Africa’ are up for revision. We examine the everyday realities of a hugely diverse continent through the eyes of African investigative journalists, photographers, artists, commentators and rebels. ZAM enables their investigative and creative journeys and presents them to audiences worldwide. ZAM builds solidarity in networks and collaborations. They are rooted in a conviction that todays issues of rich and poor, black and white, tradition and modernity are universal issues.