The climate crisis disproportionately affects women. That’s a fact. Report after report finds that gender plays a significant role in this crisis, with 80% of those displaced being women, and women being 14 times more likely to die during a climate disaster. At the same time, women are also leading the way when it comes to solutions to the climate crisis, yet they are grossly underrepresented in decision-making. How is this possible? What are the forces at play? And how can we change this? As part of the Feminist Climate Academy, activists and scientists will discuss how the climate crisis is so tightly linked with gender (in)justice, and why women should be in front and at the centre when it comes to making policies and plans for tackling the crisis. Patriarchy and rampant capitalism got us into this mess. Feminism can get us out of it.

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About the speakers

Catherine Gatundu is a Kenyan feminist and passionate about social justice and human rights. Cathy has worked with coalitions, allies and international organisations to seek feminist alternatives to ecological and economic problems affecting women and local communities. She has strength and expertise in policy advocacy for environmental and land rights, agroecology and agriculture ecosystem integrity.

Gabriela Franco Prieto is a Colombian ecofeminist and climate justice activist. She is an active member of the youth organization Pacto por el Clima, the Women4Climate initiative in Bogotá, and the regional Latin American (LATAM) Feminist Climate Justice Circle. She also designs campaigns for restoring and protecting Andean water ecosystems as a part of the Cumbres Blancas project. In 2020, she founded La Totuma, an ecofeminist storytelling and organizing platform focused on climate justice, women, and peace building in the Global South.

Anouk Creusen is the founder and executive director of 75inQ, a foundation that is committed to contribute to an inclusive energy transition by promoting gender equality on all levels in the energy sector. As a geoscientist she brings a technical perspective to the table on the topics of climate and gender.

Gersom van der Elst is a senior policy officer at the ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is the Netherlands national gender & climate change focal point and will be part of the delegation to COP28 representing the Netherlands on the themes of gender and loss and damage.

About the moderator

Hajar Yagkoubi is a former UN Youth Representative for the Netherlands. During her time there, she collected input from young people on human rights, security and the climate crisis to present to the UN. Currently, she works on enhancing youth participation, sustainability and human rights through her own company via public speaking and consultancy.

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Programme seriesFeminist Climate Academy

ActionAid organiseert dit najaar voor de derde keer de Feminist Climate Academy, een programma waarin we jonge mensen klaarstomen om in actie te komen voor het klimaat. Tijdens de Academy gaan we dieper in op klimaatrechtvaardigheid vanuit feministisch perspectief en kijken we naar hoe verschillende vormen van ongelijkheid overlappen en elkaar versterken. Hierbij zetten we het werk en de visies van vrouwen uit het mondiale Zuiden centraal.