Anno 2024, most digital services and platforms are owned by a few Big Tech companies. This centralisation of power is not in line with how the internet was once conceived. It creates society-disrupting problems. From privacy violations and influencing election results to discrimination by biased algorithms, Big Tech’s monopoly affects everyone. How do we – as citizens, organisations and governments – regain control of our data and our digital lives? If we want to be able to decide for ourselves what our digital ecosystem looks like, we need to be able to make independent decisions about the design, use and management of digital tools and platforms. During the conference, we will therefore engage with speakers, visitors and artists on data ownership, privacy, interoperability, decentralisation and more. In short: technology based on public values. Through panels, keynotes, roundtable sessions, lectures, art and culture, we will work our way towards an internet where we set the rules collectively.

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