Park your broomsticks for SheSays Amsterdam’s spine-tingling Halloween edition: ‘Frightful F*ck-Ups To Live & Learn From’. Watch out for bewitching speakers sharing personal and professional horror stories – from nightmare clients to evil bosses and possessed projects. Hear how they survived to tell their tales – and what their bumps, scars, and bruises taught them along the way.

SheSays AMS’s fright-night is (g)hosted by futurefactor founding partner, Kerrie Finch. She and fellow haunted souls will be sharing blood-curdling moments from the cobwebbed corners of their pasts. Register – if you dare – for a bloody good (online) time. Bring your own boos and booze.

At the end of 2019, Maartje Weijers quit her job as Brand Manager at Boomerang Agency to become the company’s very first Head of Culture. Her innovative team building and branding projects have made national news headlines and have led to a thriving internal culture at Boomerang Agency.

Shea Harty has worked in Human Resources for over 15 years. With social enterprise Empowerment and foundation Empower Amsterdam, she makes career resources accessible to everyone from small-medium size companies, self-employed, and the unemployed. Through her passion for Diversity and Inclusion, she also co-produces the WiT Regatta Amsterdam, a yearly woman in tech conference that brings together women and men in conversation and community to change the landscape in the technology industry. As a business coach and mentor, she helps entrepreneurs in the marketing and sales of their business and helps them overcome the fears and challenges that hold them back from being successful.

Raja Felgata is a media-entrepreneur and owner of production house Mr & Mrs Oasis, editor-in-chief of the Diversity Top 100 – an annual list of the most influential people (of colour) in the Netherlands – and head Press & PR of the Royal ConcertHall in Amsterdam. She was one of the first Arab women on Dutch national television as a news anchor.

Rachel Keane is a veteran recruiter with over 15 years’ experience in the industry and a co-founder of both Women in Data (WiD), and Girls in Data, initiatives that aim to achieve gender parity in the field of data science and analytics, whilst encouraging girls at the grassroots of the wonderfully diverse careers available in data. Rachel enjoys pushing boundaries, asking questions, and is passionate about liberating people from their societally-imposed boxes to realise their full potential.

Kika Douglas’ work is focused on bringing together brands and culture, helping companies move fearlessly forward – and creating MAGIC. She’s passionate about language, underground movements, deserts, and being a mom. Born in Texas and raised in Galicia, northern Spain, she’s been fortunate to partner with companies like Nike, Adidas, Diesel, Coca-Cola Company, P&G, The North Face, Volkswagen, Sephora, etc, to create wild wonder. She’s currently based in Amsterdam and after having called LA, NY, Portland, and Madrid ‘home’ she knows her heart will always be spread across the universe, hungry for a new adventure. Mars next?

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