In the world of documentary photography and film directing, Sakir Khader is known for his courageous use of the camera as a powerful weapon against injustice. As a Netherlands-based Palestinian documentary photographer and filmmaker, Sakir has sharply focused on the most challenging conflict zones in the Middle East. Sakir’s work goes beyond just visual storytelling; it is a bold attempt to make the invisible visible, to make the voices of those who have no voice heard. His camera captures raw and intimate moments, confronting the viewer with the poetic and heartbreaking reality of daily life in conflict zones. Khader shows that the camera is not only an instrument to explore the world, but also to change the world, to give a face to injustice and to combat it.

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About the speaker

Sakir Khader is a Palestinian documentary photographer and film director based in the Netherlands. His main focus is the relation between life and death in conflict zones, especially across the Middle East. Known for his raw yet intimate cinematic signature style, Sakir always seeks to illuminate the poetic sorrows of everyday life.

Winner Single Portrait Silver Camera, 2023
Selection IDFA Project Space, 2022
Selection Dutch Directors Guild, 2022
Selection Golden Calf NFF, 2021
Nomination Dutch Journalism Awards, 2018
Nomination Golden Freelancer Award, 2017
Nomination Dutch Journalism Awards, 2016

Programme seriesFotokroniek

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