Photobooks – a cherished aspiration of photographers. Yet, what truly distinguishes a photobook as a success? How does one embark on this creative journey, with or without the need for grant applications? Join us as we explore the art and craft of photobooks, guided by the experienced eyes and insights of Peter Pflügler, Jan Dirk van der Burg, Tim Mooij Knip, and Sabine Rovers. These accomplished individuals, from different corners of the photography world, will share their journeys, discussing not only their successful stories but also the valuable lessons learned from their less fortunate moments. Unearth the nuances of what constitutes success in this vibrant and ever-evolving industry. Whether you’re an aspiring photographer, a seasoned artist, or simply curious about the magic of photobooks.

Jan Dirk van der Burg is a versatile artist known for his photography, film, photocomedy, and his previous role as the Fotograaf des Vaderlands (Photographer Laureate of the Netherlands). His renowned work includes “Olifantenpaadjes” (2011), a whimsical critique of landscape anomalies, and the compilation “Tweebundelbox” (2016), featuring the ten most remarkable Twitter accounts in the Netherlands. With a niche focus on corporate settings, he captures the scenes that unfold beneath suspended ceilings. His creative endeavors extend to a weekly visual column in Volkskrant Magazine, collaborative series, and theater performances that celebrate the ordinary. Moreover, he’s a member of the self-publishing collective DIABP.

Sabine Rovers is a photographer and filmmaker based in The Hague. Her work is driven by a curiosity to discover, understand and connect with the world around her. From an open and optimistic perspective, she looks for intimate stories that help us slow down and (re-)connect to the basic, yet essential aspects of life that we tend to lose contact with in our Western society. Involvement and collaboration are key in her process, she prefers to make work with her subjects, instead of about them. Ultimately, Sabine hopes to share different perspectives and encourage new ways of seeing, connecting with and understanding the world we live in. Sabine has self-published two books and also gives photography workshops.

Peter Pflügler is a visual storyteller currently living in the Netherlands and Austria. He studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. His work is centered around the dynamics of secrets and intergenerational trauma. With the use of moving image, photography and performance, he focuses on personal stories in order to highlight universal issues. He believes that the hidden dark spots in our family history trickle through the silence and influence our lives. Since their origin lie in the unknown, we struggle putting them into a narrative. This friction is also apparent in his photographic methods, where he merges the banal and the mysterious, the observed and the staged.

Tim Mooij-Knip holds the position of Operations Manager at Huis Marseille, where Tim manages the only specialized photobook store in Amsterdam.


Dutch Photographers Day #2

This programme is part of the Dutch Photographers Day. On Monday, November 6, you can talk to experts about your work, gain inspiration, attend lectures, and network with fellow photographers.

Are you planning to start a photography project and would like to discuss your ideas with an expert? Or are you in the middle of a project and seeking tips for the editing phase? During this event, you can have conversations with multiple experts. Even if you’re in the inspiration phase, we have a great program for you. Explore our book market and enrich your knowledge through our lectures.

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