Our words might be unwanted in some places, but here we find a place where they can bloom. LGBTQ+ stories deserve to be told by ourselves, our voices and our pens. So come join us and co-create this safe(r) space for expression, connection, catharsis, queer joy, gender euphoria and lots of community love. This Unwanted Words Open Mic night welcomes everyone from beginners to professionals to share their talent with an audience of fellow queers and allies. If you’re interested in joining the open mic, you can sign up for free. Just hit this link!

About the programme

House rules
We work diligently to make this intentional space, so come with an open heart, an appreciation for consent, respect for privacy and each other’s identities. We continuously strive to be an intersectional platform trying to build safer spaces, and we believe that inclusion ends with exclusion. Any form of hate speech is not welcome at our stage.

If you’re interested in joining the open mic, you can sign up for free via this link: https://forms.gle/wk2RfdPqee2Twads9

More about the host
Luis Bracamontes (he/they) – is a queer Mexican spoken word artist based in Rotterdam. Lui’s work explores themes of queer joy, intimacy and spirituality from a decolonial, intersectional lens on identity. He is the founder of Unwanted Words, an award-winning platform for LGBTQ+ poets in The Netherlands and creator of the ‘1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards’ (2020) and the ‘Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology’ Vol 1 (2021).

More about Unwanted Words
Unwanted Words is an award-winning platform for up-and-coming LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in the Netherlands. We are an intersectional collective and work with a team of queer and non-binary BIPOC, Black, immigrants people. We celebrate queer talent by creating opportunities and spaces for self-expression, community gathering and LGBTQ+ storytelling. Our motto: Be safe, be queer and take care of each other. You might have heard from us from our Queer Poetry Nights event series, the 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards or the Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology Out Now!

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