For our final edition on the theme ‘CREED’ the Fifth Friday Sisterhood is bringing the focus on People and Places. In the oral tradition of storytelling, almost all people everywhere listened and shared stories in order to keep the past connected to the present and helped us shape the way towards the future. Today one of the main question for many of us is identity, who we are and where our ancestors come from, gives us a way of life in the present where we live. Moderator Krishna lives here in Europe because Colonial occupiers began putting lines across the Sub-Continent of India during 1700’s which finally lead to the inhuman parting gesture by the British of Partition in 1947, scattering many millions of us across the world. This last act of placing lines across the map resulted in displacing more than 18 million people and estimated deaths of over a million souls is not new, it has been happening for thousands of years, over and over again. This kind of disruption is still happening today to many other people all around the world. So, come and join us for an evening of exploration of stories, music and insight.

Come hear how we, second, third, fourth generations live and connect with our elders, our far away lands of origins and how it effects our daily lives today, with stories from across the globe.

The Fifth Friday Sisterhood is committed to creating and shaping ‘Safe-Spaces’ and each and every kind of people is/are welcome so please be mindful while visiting us.

Do you wish to tell your story?

If you wish to tell us your story and join the line up… You can! But you must sign up and do our free workshop which takes place between 17:00 – 18:30 in Pakhuis de Zwijger before the event. To join the line up please send us an email at [email protected].

The FFS try to provide a safe-space to all and everyone so please remember to be mindful while visiting us, see you there.

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