Change the system, not the climate’ is a common demand in the climate movement. But what kind of system do we actually want? Outgrow the System (2023) explores how we can design an economic system that genuinely manages our scarce resources. Beyond the narrow mainstream debate and the teachings of business schools, numerous new economic ideas and practices are emerging. They challenge old assumptions and offer fresh perspectives on how we can reorganise our production and consumption, in order to ensure our survival as a species on this planet. Outgrow the System (2023) aims to bring these transformative ideas to the forefront, with over 100 screenings spanning more than 25 countries, across 6 continents. It celebrates the abundance of creativity and ideas that exist worldwide, urging them to collide and converge. The film envisions a world where social movements worldwide can rally behind positive visions instead of merely opposing dystopias.

This event is free, but we would encourage you to show your support for the directors through a donation on their GoFundMe page.

About the programme

With this film, and the discussion afterwards, we seek to democratise the conversation around the economy, ecology and democracy. Economics should be a topic accessible to all, not confined to experts. Come and be empowered to engage in discussions about economic models and to foster hope that change is not only possible, but already underway.

About the speakers

Dagan Cohen is board member and creative lead of the Amsterdam Donut Coalition. In this role he is responsible for strategic communications and visual presence of the coalition. He is also founder and creative director of CHANGENCY – a creative agency for societal change. Change runs as a red thread throughout his creative career. Dagan studied environmental art and design at the Rietveld Academy, worked for 13 years as visual artist and theatermaker, then shifted to advertising – working for 17 years as art director and creative director for different agencies. Fascinated by digital culture, he quit his job in advertising to become a media entrepreneur and co-founded two media startups between 2008 and 2014. Since 2015 Dagan’s work is completely focussed on harnessing the power of art and design for societal transformation.

Federico Savini is Associate Professor in Environmental Planning, Institutions and Politices at the University of Amsterdam. He combines approaches of political sociology, urban planning and critical geography to the study of institutions and socio-spatial change in cities. In his works, he studies the politics that drive institutional change, focusing on the different sets of regulations that shape the working of city-regions and their ecological impact on the planet. With his expertise on the study of regulatory frameworks and institutional dynamics, he grasps the pathways towards a form of urbanisation that thrives within planetary boundaries. He uses a degrowth perspective on spatial planning and is scientific coordinator of the ‘postgrowth city coalition’.

Ellie Domigan is the moderator of this event. She lives in Amsterdam and is a convenor for Kiwis in Climate, a network connecting and supporting New Zealand climate and sustainability professionals around the world. She refuses to accept that ‘it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism’ and is exploring how to help people imagine better futures, including through music festivals, narratives, and studying complex living systems.

About the directors

Cecilia Paulsson (Director and Producer, RåFILM) is a versatile filmmaker and activist based in Malmö. Her work spans a diverse spectrum, encompassing documentaries, stop-motion animations, and fictional narratives. With a passion for visionary storytelling, she is committed to exploring and promoting solutions-oriented thinking. Her background includes three years of film studies, a bachelor’s degree in Gender Studies, and hands-on experience contributing to various TV series.

Anders Nilsson (Director, Teater K) brings 25 years of experience as a professional theater director and playwright, co-founding the pioneering theater group Teater K. His artistic journey has intertwined with themes of sustainability and visionary thinking, manifested through various social projects. Among these were Scenario 2030, from which this film was created, and this marks his second project funded by the Swedish Inheritance Fund. Anders holds a university degree in media studies and has previously served as a project manager for an EU-funded initiative producing a documentary on unemployment’s societal impact.


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