Feeling anxious, powerless or confused about the future of our planet? This book will transform how you see our biggest environmental problems — and how we can solve them. We are bombarded by doomsday headlines that tell us the soil won’t be able to support crops, fish will vanish from our oceans, that we should reconsider having children. But in this bold, radically hopeful book, data scientist Hannah Ritchie argues that if we zoom out, a very different picture emerges. The data shows we’ve made so much progress on these problems, and so fast, that we could be on track to achieve true sustainability for the first time in history. Tonight is the launch of the Dutch translation of the book.

About the author

Hannah Ritchie is a data scientist and science communicator. She focuses on the largest problems that shape our world and how to solve them. Most of her work focuses on environmental sustainability, including climate change, energy, food and agriculture, biodiversity, air pollution and deforestation. She is Deputy Editor and Lead Researcher at Our World in Data, and a researcher at the Oxford Martin Programme in Global Development, at the University of Oxford. Her TED talk ‘Are we the last generation — or the first sustainable one?’ has almost a million views.


About the moderator

Jaap Tielbeke is a climate journalist for De Groene Amsterdammer. He is the author of the books Een beter milieu begint niet bij jezelf (2020), an inquiry into who is responsible for solving the climate crisis and We waren gewaarschuwd (2022), an analysis of the (lack of) climate policies in the fifty years that have passed since the ground breaking environmental report Limiths to Growth by the Club of Rome (1972). Currently he co-hosts the TV show Wat houdt ons tegen? in which he investigates what is necessary for real sustainable transformation.

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