Who is your family? And what kind of family do you want to create?
Join us during this edition of QueerCity on a search of finding, building and having a Queer Family from a non-western and decolonized perspective. We will explore subjects such as co-parenting, divergent families, raising gender non-conforming kids and polyamory. But most importantly, we will create a safe space for you to understand what is the family that you want to have.


Queercity bouwt voort op de reeks van Femcity van Pakhuis de Zwijger maar geeft hier een queer draai aan. Tijdens de QueerCity reeks presenteren we verschillende thema’s die de BIPOC LHBTQI+ gemeenschap treft, waaronder kunst, cultuur, geschiedenis, veiligheid, trans zorg, woningnood en statushouders.