To the outside world, the Netherlands has the reputation of a “migrants-friendly country”. Does this reputation match reality? Neighboring countries are outdoing the Netherlands in opening their arms to migrants as they acknowledge the contributions that migrants make to society. Is the new Rutte government capable of enacting a more humane policy on migrants? Or will it continue to put up a Fortress Netherlands? During this event, we will have a panel discussion with experts, policymakers, and advocates in order to exchange possibilities to improve migrant rights and policies.

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Examples & developments of Migrant policies in other European Countries
In December 2021, Ireland announced a regularization scheme for migrants who have been living and working in that country for a minimum of 4 years. Germany’s new coalition government plans to broaden the scope of undocumented migrants who can apply for a stay permit. Italy, Spain, Belgium, and other countries in Europe have from time to time declared amnesties for irregular migrants.

In announcing the scheme, the Irish Minister for Justice Helen McEntee said: “It will bring some much-needed certainty and peace of mind to thousands of people who are already living here and making a valuable contribution to our society and the economy, many of whom may be very vulnerable due to their current immigration circumstances.”

Background Speakers:

Jessica van Ruitenburg, policy adviser for FNV, will speak on the long-running struggle of migrant domestic workers for recognition of their work as real work in accordance with the ILO Convention 189.

Tesseltje de Lange, an expert on European migration law, will speak on legal pathways for the regularization of migrant workers.

Fatima Aarbaj, researcher for the Ombudsman of Metropool Amsterdam, will discuss the proposal for a temporary work permit for undocumented migrants.

Senna Maatoug, a Groen-Links member of parliament, will speak on the prospects for a more humane migration policy under the new government.

Melanie Escano, Vice-President of FNV Migrant Domestic Workers Union will speak on the long-term and short-term goals of the union and the determination of its members to overcome all obstacles to achieve those goals.

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