The ‘drive-through condolence’, door handles you don’t have to touch, one-way traffic in stores… By looking closely at our immediate surroundings, we get a better understanding of and feel for ’the 1.5 meters society’ everyone is talking about. The standard of the ‘New Normal’ releases a lot of creativity. What will the design brief for public space, offices, schools, cultural centers, and stadiums look like, now that we have to keep a distance? What solutions have architects already devised for guiding the flow of people combined with ‘social dilution’?

  • As our national Chief Government Architect, Floris Alkemade is directly involved in studies that focus on the future of the Netherlands. In his just published book De Toekomst van Nederland – de kunst van richting te veranderen, he argued that right now, without even foreseeing such a sudden event as a worldwide pandemic, our ability to change direction needs to be addressed.
  • Researcher Martijn de Waal is co-author of the book Responsive Urban Spaces, about spaces that use interactive technologies to adapt to users and situations. How can we can use responsive technologies in the spatial design of public spaces to enhance their public domain qualities in times of Corona?
  • Urban Echoes designs architecture and public spaces in city and landscape from a technical and poetic approach. Their inspiration comes from the unusual. Jolijn Valk will share their ideas about small houses, redistribution of public space and space for health and animals in the city.
  • Dutch studio Shift Architecture Urbanism is one of the architecture firms that responded quickly to the changing situation the corona pandemic is causing with a self-initiated project. Oana Rades talks about their model for Hyperlocal Micromarkets in shutdown realities, which they developed for street food markets that enhances local economies and keeps social distancing in mind.

    Hyperlocal Micromarkets in shutdown realities © Shift architecture urbanism

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