Gaza has had a tough history since 1948, with over 80% of its population being refugees. Considering the urgent need for a ceasefire, what can we do? How do we go about the humanitarian catastrophe of 2.3 million people of whom 43% are under 14 years old? Based on facts and legalities we free our imagination to think of futures better than rebuilding a concentration camp. We look into Gaza’s past, present and possible futures. How can we deal with 2 million displaced humans who have been sieged and starved? Is the return of the refugees to their original towns feasible? Research says that it is not only feasible but the only solution that is based on legality and would bring justice and stability. How can we redesign the space between the river and the sea, as safe and equal for all, without displacing anyone anymore? What needs to be dismantled, or repurposed, what needs to be built? How can a shared future, where every human is equal, dignified, and free be achieved? Nelson Mandela’s “It is impossible until it is done”, is our guideline.

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Vusi Madonsela is the current Ambassador Extraordinaire Plenipotentiary of the Republic of South Africa to the Kingdom of The Netherlands. He is also Permanent Representative of the Government of the Republic of South Africa to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) . He recently served as Director-General of the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development of the Government of the Republic of South Africa .

Deen Sharp
, PhD CUNY, is a Visiting LSE Fellow in Human Geography & Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the Geography and Environment Department. He was previously a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-director of Terreform, Center for Advanced Urban Research. He is the co-editor of Beyond the Square: Urbanism and the Arab Uprisings (Urban Research: 2016) and Open Gaza: Architectures of Hope (American University in Cairo Press and Terreform: 2022). Sharp is currently working on a third co-edited volume under review with the American University in Cairo Press entitled Reconstruction as Violence: The Case of Syria.
Léopold Lambert is a Paris-based trained architect, writer, and founding editor of The Funambulist, a print and online magazine dedicated to the politics of space and bodies. He’s the author of four books analyzing the political complications of the built environment with settler colonialism, in particular in Palestine, Algeria, and Kanaky.
Umayya Abu-Hanna is a Palestinian author. Among others, she was a member of the Helsinki City Council and its Real Estate Board, a member of Taiteen Edistamiskeskus (the equivalent of Arts Council Finland), head of the Media department at Metropolia, the Helsinki University of Applied Sciences, Journalist at The Finnish Public Service Media Company, and a co-founder of Rethink Amsterdam. Abu-Hanna’s work is future-oriented, equality-based and curious about new readings in diverse heritage.
Hans van der Made is a senior chief physical planning and urban designer at the Municipality of Amsterdam. Strategic advisor on large-scale urban development and advisor on city development strategies. Van der Made is an advisor on the innovation of planning for humanitarian operations, among them the largest refugee camp, Zaatari.

Ramzi Nasir is a Madrid-based economist and entrepreneur. He is the director of One Democratic State in Palestine. Nasir is also the author of a forthcoming book on Edward Said.

Programme seriesJustice for Palestine

The Justice for Palestine series will focus upon the broader historic- and present-day context of colonisation, apartheid and military occupation that preceded the horrific October 7th attacks and the relentless bombardments of the Gaza strip that followed. By starting these dialogues, we aim to focus on envisioning sustainable solutions for justice, equality and peace in Historic Palestine for all people who are living there.