In this episode of Tegenlicht the makers look at the future map of Africa, where borders will blur, new markets will flourish and a large trade bloc may emerge, which could transcend the European Schengen area. In the next century, the population on the African continent will have grown from 1.3 billion to more than 4 billion people. Many Africans see this as a huge opportunity. Because by then Africa will not only have the largest group of young consumers in the world, but also the largest labor market, plus enormous potential for developing green energy.

The VPRO Tegenlicht documentary “De Kracht van Afrika” will be broadcast on NPO2 on Monday 5 December at 10:15 pm.

About the program

The program will be held in English, however it is possible for the audience to state their questions in English. During the program we will discuss the episode De kracht van Afrika, with contributions from great African thinkers, politicians and business people among them:

  • The Cameroonian political philosopher Achille Mbembe
  • The Nigerian entrepreneur Amy Jadesimi
  • The South African travel blogger and TV presenter Katchie Nzama
  • The Zimbabwean engineer and ex-politician Arthur Mutambara
  • The Kenyan activist and researcher Amos Wemanya

We start the evening with a conversation about the making process of this episode with:

After this we will continue the panel with various experts:

  • Babah Tarawaly, columnist at Trouw, journalist, author, trainer, Program manager for New Dutch Connections.
  • Valentin Akayezu Muhumuza, researcher Phd Candidate at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University & former president for Organisation for Human Rights in Action which is a Rwanda-based organisation.
  • Dr. Mollynn Gift Mugisha-Otim, Medical Doctor, Early Years Pedagogic Specialist, speaker, author & managing director and founder of Africa Cultural Promotion Center (ACPC). She is an entrepreneur in the Hague who has been working with the International and African community since 2007. She is also a wife and a mother raising multilingual children in a multi-cultural and metropolitan setting. Born and raised in Uganda, she has a deep knowledge of the African culture. Through various roles as a childcare worker, a program manager and an operations manager, Mollynn has more than 13 years in the field of early years education and management, providing expert services to the international community in the Hague.
  • Kemo Camara, founder and CEO at Omek, social entrepreneur, Economist, community leader and public speaker. Omek is a community-centric ecosystem dedicated to the social and professional advancement of biculturals of African descent.

During the program there will also be the opportunity for the audience to ask questions and contribute to the discussion.

Programme seriesTegenlicht Meet Up

In de week na de uitzending van de Tegenlicht documentaire, zetten we -aan de hand van filmfragmenten - het gesprek voort, samen met de filmmaker, relevante gasten en het publiek.