THEM BUZZED, a project by The Queer Agenda, showcases the portraits of 18 queer women and non-binary people, each proudly embracing their buzzcut, an emblem of courage, vulnerability, and empowerment. Photographer Micklin Korsuize captured their faces on 35mm film, revealing more than just a hairstyle choice; THEM BUZZED explores the intricate interplay of femininity and masculinity within the queer community. Stripped of societal expectations and norms, these individuals shed societal shackles and emerged as authentic beings.

Jackie van Gemert, the art director behind THEM BUZZED, is deeply passionate about empowering the queer community through art and self-expression. Jackie’s artistic vision and dedication have been essential in shaping this photography exhibition.

With their buzzcuts, the people documented in the exhibition shatter the barriers of gender binaries and embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-expression, and self-acceptance. The absence of hair becomes a canvas for them to paint their own narratives, reclaiming their power to define their identity on their own terms.

For some, the buzzcut represents a liberation from the burden of maintaining and conforming to gendered beauty standards. It becomes an opportunity to redefine what it means to be feminine or masculine, embracing a fluidity that transcends traditional boundaries.

For others, it’s just an easy morning hairdo.

Featuring: Shanisa Cecilia (she/her), Charlie mcKee (all pronouns), Sasha Wittenberg (she/her), Robin Aïsha (she/her), Yinzk (they/them), Dionne (she/her), Julia (they/them), Suzy Faiz, Rubia Serena (she/her), Pauli Mast (they/them), Roos Ferrero, Lora Du Ry, Kween Qoutainy (they/them), Milou Elbersen (she/her), Lotte Joordens (she/her), Marley Samuels, Nik Lagare (she/her), Danna, Kanea Indigo (they/them).

shot on Kodak Portra 400, 135 mm
Photographer: Micklin Korsuize, she/her (1998)
Art Director: Jackie van Gemert, she/her (1997)

All prints are for sale, please contact The Queer Agenda for the possibilities.
@thequeeragenda.ams [email protected]
@micklin.i @elsjackievangemert

About The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda is an Amsterdam-based collective that creates new queer spaces, provides a platform for queer talent and captures the community through photography. Their motivation is centered around the belief that queer women, trans and non-binary people need more visibility and deserve a place within the cultural landscape of Amsterdam and beyond.

The Queer Agenda started as a printed birthday calendar in 2022, showing Amsterdam’s queer spaces and places. The analogue photos, poetry and queer days, help guide (a new generation of) queers through the city.

Following the great success of the calendar, Micklin, Jackie and Iona started expanding the concept of TQA into a dynamic portfolio of creative projects: from photo exhibitions to nightlife events.