So… You want to know what to read to become a better designer, urban planner, architect and social activist, who puts inclusion at the forefront of their work? Here are a few recommendations from our Designing Cities For All (DCFA) team, and we will add new recommendations periodically. For all you city designers that want to empower yourself (and others), let these reads guide your practice of transforming cities for the better. And guess what? You can order these books with a pretty neat discount* via our local bookstore Athenaeum!


Roots Guide is an atypical guidebook that invites you to deeply connect with diverse people and places throughout the Netherlands.” This book takes an inclusive, out-of-the-box approach to addressing anti-immigration sentiment in the Netherlands. Through written, visual, audio, and experiential means, its guides with diverse migration backgrounds bring Roots Guide users on inner and outer journeys that enable them to revisit what they think they know about life in the Netherlands, starting on their very own doorsteps. Reading this book is a great way to discover and appreciate the world around us, but also to (re-)discover what makes us tick. The Roots Guide brings together rich personal stories of guides with diverse migration backgrounds living throughout the Netherlands, engaging questions to spur reflection and dialogue, travel activities and recommendations that call users to adventure, and visuals that pull users into the guides’ everyday lives.

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The first volume of ‘A Manifesto for the Just City’ was published by TU Delft in collaboration with the World Urban Campaign. This book addresses the need to re-imagine and re-conceptualise the Just City in light of recent systemic shocks: climate change, the pandemic, a generalised erosion of democratic standards and more. It contains texts by a number of guests and 43 manifestos written by students from 25 universities from all over the world. A “Manifesto for the Just City” comes in the wake of the realisation that socio-spatial justice is a crucial dimension for sustainability transitions. Growing inequality and the erosion of the public sphere undermine the social and political structures required to fight climate change, pandemics and other systemic shocks. With this book, we have sought to encourage students to formulate their own visions for the Just City and for a just transition.

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*All books can be ordered at Athenaeum Bookstore by emailing [email protected]. With code DCFA2122 you get a 10% discount on non-Dutch publications. Please mention the code when ordering your books.