So you are interested in what you can read to become a better designer, urban planner, architect and social activist who puts inclusion in the forefront of their work? Here are a few recommendations related to the Together We Design series. For all you city designers that want to empower yourself (and others), let these reads guide your practice of transforming cities for the better. And guess what? You can order these books with a pretty neat discount* via our local bookstore Athenaeum!

Too Big, Rebuild by Design (RBD) was developed for the ‘Presidential Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force’ after hurricane Sandy hit the North-East Coast of the United States in October-November, 2012. Using an innovative, design driven process based on the design competition model , Rebuild by Design places local communities and civic leaders at the heart of a robust, interdisciplinary creative process to generate implementable solutions for a more resilient region. This book aims not so much to illustrate what Rebuild by Design did, but to reflect on it, assess it in all its aspects and embed it in a broader context to offer a guide for to politicians, designers, change managers, community leaders, researchers , activists and others, offering future approaches wherever climate-change induced, water-related urban challenges arise

From Cape Town to Amsterdam and Istanbul, Play the City sheds light into the specific applications and outcomes of city gaming in various planning and city-making regimes worldwide. During her research, Ekim Tan realized that city games can inform urban development by turning the various stakeholders into players who actively influence their urban environment. Tan is the director of foundation Play the City, a successful city gaming company in Amsterdam. Designed to make Tans research more accessible to all, the book includes an extensive chapter dedicated to unraveling the city-gaming method as developed by the Play the City teams, with case studies from Shenzhen, Cape Town, Amsterdam, Almere, and Istanbul. Also included are reviews about influential city games from around the world, plus numerous interviews from gaming experts such as eric Gordon, Pablo Suarez, and Mohini Dutta. Play the City will inspire not only the city officers or experts in city making as architects and planners, but also anyone who feels interested and responsible for their living environments.

More than ever before, companies and organizations can and must join forces. Without cooperation there is no change or progress. So far nothing new, but the question is of course: how? The answer: through the use of co-creation, “creating new value together with experts and stakeholders”. In this practical, action-oriented and easy to read book, Martijn Pater and James Veenhoff take you step by step on a journey towards impact. Sharing over 15 years of international experience with corporates, startups, NGOs and governments, they demystify the term co-creation. They describe the most important shapes and trends, and the Five Guiding Principles for Co-creation without fuss. Filled with inspiring cases and practical tips, Collaborate or die is an absolute must-read for anyone who wants to use the power of co-creation for progress.

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