So you’re interested in what you can read to become a better designer, architect, urban planner, urbanist, or neighbour living and working in a super-divers city? Here are a few recommendations from our Designing Cities For All (DCFA) team, and we will add new recommendations periodically. For all you city designers that want to empower yourself (and others), let these reads guide your practice of transforming cities for the better.

Most of the time when we look at design, it is about how it looks. But, how can you contribute to society from your own specific position in society? Ecology and ethics are overlooked in design and architecture. But, in this book educator and designer Victor Papanek urgently calls designers to critically reflect on the impact of their choices for the environment. It’s time to demand better and make use of long-term designing with reusable sources and we must share resources instead of buying new ones. But, this book is not only for designers and architects. This book is also a guide for consumers who can contribute to a better and green future by making certain choices. Lastly, there are many beautiful pictures in this book.

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This book is written by Baires Raffaelli and part of the architectural series: The Fast Guide to Architectural Form. It’s time to design inclusive and welcoming spaces to make cities more accessible and Baires Raffaelli explores ways to do this. This book shows us a collection of random features to make a more accessible world, from the height differences of the pavement to parking spaces. You can use this book as a guide when designing spaces we use on a daily basis. Because, at the end of the day the city is meant for all of us which means designing for all is necessary.

€12,99 (click here*)

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