In this episode, Annick van Rinsum speaks with metteur en scène and the director of Africa in the Picture; Oumar Mbengue Atakosso. They talk about his vision on art, philosophy, and spirituality, and what he learned throughout the years from art, from life, and from his wise grandmother. The office of Africa in the Picture was the first office that Oumar walked into when he came to the Netherlands in the beginning of his thirties. In 2012, he was one of the artists showing work at their exhibition. Now, he is the director of Africa in the Picture. One of the projects close to his heart is DocumentYourself, in which he assists others to share their stories through art.

Do want to know more? Then come to our program Africa in the Picture Filmscreening + Talk: Rewind and Play – between memory and identity on Friday October 28th at 8 p.m.