The film ‘You are Your profile – Personal considerations when online’ (YaYp) is an exploration into the considerations people make when online. In this film a number of personal stories of young people is presented. The notion is that we all are active online in today’s more and more connected society. However, are we aware of the considerations we make when interacting with others and logging on to online platforms? How do we deal with the wrongdoings that might happen to us online? And are we aware of what is exactly happening? Can we actually control what happens, with our personal data?

About the film

This film is part of a growing documentary project with a focus on the importance of being able to control your own personal data online. Gradually almost every person’s life is connected to the Internet and uses it in their daily lives. But how aware are we about the personal data we share when we are connected to the Internet? For people this might have safety implications and it can harm our wellbeing and dignity. This film has the aim to enlight answers and to debate openly the future of our lives in an online connected society.

In ‘You are Your profile – personal considerations when online’ we follow the story of several (young) people with focus on their personal experiences, how they dealt with the (mis)use of (their) person data and what implications it has in their lives. One of the focusses is on how person data can suddenly be misused by someone else, for example, by blackmail, scams or sextortion. Besides a number of ‘negative’ stories we will also highlight less negative stories that contemplate about the future of the Internet and how to be active online. YaYp will showcase considerations made in the past leading towards the online connected society we live in today.

YaYp presents empowering stories that are able to raise awareness. Stories that show we can all be a victim online, but how do we prevent this? How aware are we? What would we have done differently? The stories are recorded, among others, in Amsterdam, Helmond and Curaçao.

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