This edition of “Stories on Friday” offers a short theater performance called “Footsteps Against Racism” made by a collective of migrants & refugees who are part of theater group “Our Footsteps”. This evening also features poets and musicians, who are also activists, who are brought together by Landing Space: Decolonial Poetry Project onlocation. All part of this beautiful evening of artists and theater makers sharing their words against racism, they hope to give strength to everyone who is making a stand against racism and injustice!

Background Our Footsteps performance

Footsteps Against Racism Shares moments of past migrants’ lives and of current theatre and activism. From voices of dolphins guiding migrants across threatening waters, to singings of protest and revolution. Sharing strong voices against oppression, torture and discrimination, the cry of a refugee camp and the scream to racism visible even in a colorful world map. And now here we are, captured in our daily routine and yet still struggling as before. But now somehow knowing better how to break the boundaries of our constraints. Footsteps Against Racism is a theatre performance created by the same migrants and refugees collective that has successfully performed Our Footsteps throughout 2019 and the beginning of 2020. Now the collective is here, ready for Week Tegen Racisme

Background Landing Space Poetry OnLocation & performers

KANIPCHEN-FIT is a noisy and whole-hearted band, fronted by performance artist, vocalist, poet Gloria (ex- of the defunct NYC Pussy Poets, and activist organization Refuse & Resist!) and Empee Holwerda (ex- of NL bands Lul & Solbakken) on guitar, beats & sounds, and vocals. Funk Punk, Funky Protest Music, Soul Rock…they have been called. Their songs are simple and straightforward, double vocals, a rough and loud guitar, with unexpected rhythmic and harmonic changes, with spoken word, avoiding rock-clichés. A co-founder of Landing Space, Gloria is also initiator of the InterNational Anti-Racism Group [INARG] who thus far stopped the promotion of racism by Sesame Street Workshop Corporation, Nickeloden/Viacom, North Sea Jazz Festival among others, continuing working to stop the promotion of racism anywhere.

Poet Abdelrahman Hassan choreographs a cross-disciplinary effort to counter inequality and racism in the use of Algorithms. Abdelrahman lives on the intersection between software, critical theory, data, and poetry. His interests include memetics, internet geographies, technical utopias/dystopias and depictions of e-governance. His overarching goal is to bridge critical theory with digital practice and to limit accessibility gaps and hurdles to open access to knowledge. He is also co-founder of Landing Space.
Poet Stephanie Collingwoode Williams is a social worker, cultural anthropologist, trainer, intersectional black queer feminist, decolonial poet and climate justice warrior. She is an expert in anti-racism, intersectionality and climate justice. Passionate about black liberation and community building. She grew up in Ghana, as the child of a Ghanian father and Belgian mother, and is currently living in Bruxelles. Summer of 2020 she was the spokesperson for the Belgian Network for Black Lives who organized the largest Black lives matter protest in Belgium. She is also co-founder of Landing Space and active in many other grassroot projects.

Musician Shishani Vranckx is a speaker, anthropologist & musicologist with roots in Namibian & Belgian, raised mainly in the Netherlands. Her work brings these worlds together. She has received awards for her music in and outside of the country and tours internationally. With her quartet Namibian Tales, she researched the musical traditions of the San (‘Bushmen’) people in Kalahari desert in collaboration with UNESCO. She graduated as anthropologist and musicologist and as an activist she highlights various social issues in her music. Shishani is founder of Miss Catharsis; a unique band of women of colour where the expressions of the feminine, in all her facets, are centralized.

Kevin Groen is a behavioural change enthusiast & spoken word artist who doesn’t shy away from exploring the uncomfortable. As an adopted South Korean boy growing up in the Netherlands ‘identity’ has always been an important theme throughout his life. Today he uses his voice to help his clients feel more alive, confront audiences with prejudices and unconscious biases you didn’t even know you had, and as a board member of Omroep PAC he fights for better media representation of Asian-Dutch identities and experiences.

Landing Space Poetry OnLocation brings these activists together, who are also international poets and musicians. Landing Space project prioritizes poetry for the people, decolonizing poetry further, overtaking conventions, presenting poetic perspectives from persons of color internationally, poets on topics, to bring poets together and to an international public.


Luister hier ook de podcast die we in het teken van de Week Tegen Racisme maakten met Raissa Biekman en Ewout van den Berg.

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Programme seriesWeek Tegen Racisme 2021

Pakhuis de Zwijger en Comité 21 maart organiseren van 15 t/m 19 maart 2021 de derde editie van de jaarlijkse Week Tegen Racisme (WTR), een programma in aanloop naar de landelijke Demonstratie Tegen Racisme. De WTR biedt een interdisciplinair programma vol theater, film, muziek, spoken word, storytelling, lezingen, workshops en dialoog. Hierbij werken we samen met kunstenaars in allerlei disciplines, maatschappelijke organisaties en stadmakers. Tijdens het festival agenderen we een groot aantal onderwerpen binnen de hoofdthema’s racisme en discriminatie, zo behandelen we onder meer politiek, onderwijs, vluchtelingen-vraagstukken en klimaatracisme. Dit jaar zal deze geheel online plaatsvinden middels LIVECAST.