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Whose Mental Health? (VERZET)

Experiences and perspectives of black and people of color on mental health care in the Netherlands.
This event is in English
Wednesday 18 Mar, 21.00
wo 18 mrt, 21.00
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The Netherlands, like many European countries, has embraced mental healthcare as an important subject by contributing to an increase of literature and publication of books regarding managing mental health issues. Unfortunately the Netherlands, like other European countries, also suffer from institutional racism. What is the importance of having awareness of cultural difference within mental health care? And to what extent is it difficult to find a psychologist who is black or ‘of color’ within dutch hospitals or medical institutions? Join us for presentations and panel conversations on mental health care in the Netherlands.

Background of the program:
Whose psychiatric practices, theories, and applications are in use most commonly in the Netherlands and why? What is “Intercultural” or “Transcultural” therapy? and What are the experiences of black and other persons ‘of color’ working in ‘Mental Health Care’ in the Netherlands?  Expect vibrant discussions and presentations, useful information, audience Q & A, and related spoken word performances. This event is a collaboration with the InterNational AntiRacism Group/INARG.