In Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Jennifer ‘The Naked MC’ Muntslag talks with our guests about the craftsmanship, being a creative entrepreneur, their (creative) identity, and social themes. This evening we welcome fashion designer Yelappa Visser (Ye.lapp) and filmmaker Teddy Cherim. And as always we have a creative intermezzo. This time spoken word artist Nour Bayard (Poetry Circle Amsterdam) will perform. And for everyone live in the room: after the show we will screen Goodwill Dumping, Teddy’s short documentary about the clothes we throw away.

Why do they make the things they make? How do they do it? What drives them in their work and where can we find it? Those are the questions we deal with in Uncovering Creatives. Join us for the conversation!

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Teddy Cherim
Teddy Cherim is an award winning film director, writer, creative and all-round, stand up, ‘wish you were here’ kinda guy. Teddy studied at the Metropolitan Film School in London, after which he returned to Amsterdam to make the feature film Sterke Verhalen, which he wrote and directed together with Kees van Nieuwkerk. In 2014 Teddy moved to Nairobi to become Creative Director at MIATV, a regional media conglomerate developing local high impact television programmes and documentaries.

Since 2016, Teddy has been based in Amsterdam, where he has been working as a freelance writer, director and creative, shooting all over the world. He has directed award winning virtual reality films, music video’s, commercials, documentaries and fictional films. He is currently developing his first solo feature film.

Yelappa Visser
Yelappa Visser (India, 1990) is a social worker and (sustainable) fashion designer. After completing the study Social Assistance, Yelappa thought it was time to develop further creatively and started her label Ye.Lapp. Taking sewing lessons in her spare time, she also studied Fashion Illustration, Fashion Design and Fashion Collection at the Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam. In 2019 she made the graduation collection Raabta, which was co-financed through a crowdfunding campaign via the Voor de Kunst platform.

© Naomi Verlinden

With her Ye.lapp label, Yelappa focuses on conceptual projects with multidisciplinary collaborations in which social perspectives are often incorporated and Yelappa has discovered her activist side. She identifies herself as Artist x Activist and sees fashion as an art form. She has made an outfit for Extinction Rebellion at the Dutch Sustainable Fashion week (2020), a mini fashion collection Retrograde for the show La Marató in Spain (2021) and she wants to continue exhibiting new work Nor Black Nor White (photo, film and photography, a collaboration with Noami Verlinden).

Yelappa’s passion is to create something that is a continuous process and fascinates to translate an idea into a design. Yelappa is currently working on her career switch to the creative industry. She lives and works in Amsterdam.

Nour Bayard
Nour Bayard (1998) is a hopeful spoken word artist and multidisciplinary word wizard. To her, words are like stars which she then turns into constellations.

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