What should the social contract of a tolerant city look like? The Amsterdam conference on tolerance will discuss the meaning of tolerance, respect, acceptance and appreciation with a variety of international researchers, local politicians and inspirations. The conference was initiated by city council member Tjakko Dijk in 2018 and is hosted by the city government. The general sessions will reflect on daily city-life experiences: what is tolerance? How to measure it? What can citizens expect of each other and of the city government? The theme sessions will zoom in on the themes: work, education and sports. Actively join and participate online on January 20th!

This programme will be translated and subtitled via Zoom. Click on “Closed Caption (CC)” to see the subtitles.

Florian Kiuppis
Professor of Inclusive Education Theories, Concepts and Methods in Context of Inclusion and Participation at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg
Niels Meijer
Director Cruyffoundation
Niels van Muijden
Head of Programmes at Farenet.org
Reda Haouam
Founder T-WREX Total Wheelchair Rugby Experience

Program (Central European Time):

Plenary program
13.00-13.05 Opening
13.05-14.20 Amsterdam Panel: Tolerance in Amsterdam
14.20-14.30 Break

Parallel theme sessions
14.30-16.00 Theme session: Tolerance at Work
14.30-16.00 Theme session: Tolerance at School
14.30-16.00 Theme session: Tolerance in Sports

Plenary program
16.00-16.15 Break
16.15-17.30 General session: What is tolerance?
17.30 Closing

Theme session: Tolerance in Sports

Social participation has the potential to create a strong and more tolerant community. Participation in sports is crisscrossed and problematized by diverse groups who often do not have the same opportunities as the majority, or even their participation is delegitimized by hegemonic groups. In a tolerant city, how can sports promote tolerance & inclusion? How can we detect and stop discriminatory practices in sports?

Case: A professional football club is known for the racist songs and outings of some of its fanbases. The attitude of the fanbase is that these are ‘just words’ and to prove their point of view they point out the club attracts a diverse variety of supporters (which is beyond doubt). They pride themselves in being able to joke about everything because the supporters all love the same club. Should, in a tolerant city, the club take more serious action? What are good practices of professional sports organizations to promote tolerance & inclusion


  • Niels Meijer is the Director Cruyffoundation. This organisation works on giving as many children as possible the opportunity to play sports and exercise, with special attention to vulnerable children and sustainability. We like to work together to achieve our goals. They work in a sustainable way and increase their impact on health, livability, personal development and participation.
  • Florian Kiuppis is Professor of Inclusive Education Theories, Concepts and Methods in Context of Inclusion and Participation at the Catholic University of Applied Sciences, Freiburg. He also is a Baskin Coach / spokesman for the “Network Sport and Inclusion in Freiburg”.
  • As Head of Programmes Niels van Muijden is responsible for the management and coordination of Fare programmes and campaigns. Among others he leads the planning and delivery of the Fare #FootballPeople weeks an annual international awareness campaign (150k participants and more than 2000+ events in over 60 countries in two weeks). He coordinates the delivery of other grants and campaigns such as Black Lives Matter in Football and the Football v Homophobia campaign. Next to this Niels is also working on implementing several European projects Fare is leading on or partnering in such as projects on tackling anti-Semitism in football and on the inclusion of refugees.
  • Reda Haouam is a wheelchair rugby athlete, born and raised in Amsterdam. As captain of the Dutch national wheelchair rugby team he has represented the Netherlands at the international stage for thirteen years. In 2017 he founded T-WREX (short for Total Wheelchair Rugby Experience) where he offers wheelchair rugby workshops to people both with and without disabilities to provide them a first-hand experience in the world of wheelchair rugby. In 2021 he joined the Sportraad Amsterdam, a council that advises the city council of Amsterdam on the execution of its sports policy in the broadest sense of the word.
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