This project by The Queer Agenda, showcases the portraits of 18 queer women and non-binary people, each proudly embracing their buzzcut. Photographer Micklin Korsuize and art director Jackie van Gemert captured the portraits on film, revealing more than just a hairstyle choice. THEM BUZZED explores the interplay of femininity and masculinity within the queer community, where they let go of societal expectations and norms. Jackie and Micklin are deeply passionate about empowering the queer community through art and self-expression. Their artistic vision and dedication is what shaped this photography exhibition. During this talk, they will speak with two of the models and what their buzzcut means to them.

About The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda is an Amsterdam-based collective that creates new queer spaces, provides a platform for queer talent and captures the community through photography. Their motivation is centered around the belief that queer women, trans- and non-binary people need more visibility and deserve a place within the cultural landscape of Amsterdam and beyond. The Queer Agenda started as a printed birthday calendar, showing Amsterdam’s queer spaces and places. The analogue photos, poetry and queer days, help guide (a new generation of) queers through the city. Following the overwhelming success of the calendar, Micklin, Jackie and Iona started expanding the concept of TQA into a dynamic portfolio of creative projects: from photo exhibitions to nightlife events.

About the speakers:

Robin Aïsha Pocornie is a real multi-hyphenate. From raising ethical AI awareness to developing events around comiccon and anime, she can and does it all. The variety of her fields have one thing in common: encouraging and empowering the voices and representation of BPOC and Queer people.

Ghaith Kween Qoutainy (Damascus, 1995) is an Artist and an Organiser (Curator and producer of events and works with activist thematic) based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Their current work is centered around an investigation of the dynamics that govern orientations in space, the legislation that facilitates it, and the socio-political atmosphere coloring it.
Their curatorial work is focused on community building (LGBTQ+ community), justice, and visibility. As for their artistic work, it is research-driven, usually in collaboration, delving into topics of Identity, Inclusion and Diversity, Political activation through artwork, and bridging theory and practice.

As a graduate of the Institute of Sonology at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague, their work has departed from a practice of sound. Their interest in space can be traced to their early artwork productions. Growing from an interest in acoustic space, moving to a theory of Atmosphere, and eventually arriving at an interest in Ecology allowed their work with space to broaden, moving beyond sound, to the domain of space curation.

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