Did you know that pandemics in the Middle Ages left societies more equal, rather than more unequal? Did you ever think about how handwashing and sanitation relates to children’s growth? How education systems in Latin America lost decades of progress, with parents having to make impossible choices? Or about how interwoven COVID-19 and the climate crisis are?

You can attend this event physically or online. When making your reservation, choose between a physical spot or an online reservation.

The pandemic has many faces that we have not yet seen. How does it impact the societal aspects outside of our view? During this event, cutting-edge researchers, artists and social entrepreneurs will address urgent questions and show us how the Global South is affected by the pandemic. We will also present the book COVID-19 and international development, written by ISS researchers and other authors, to development policy makers. This book is currently the only book on the pandemic and international development.

It will be a dynamic and creative event, open to a broad international audience, bringing together a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Let’s connect the dots and leave wiser than we came. We are happy to welcome you live in Pakhuis de Zwijger, or online.



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